In Animal Crossing 5, the Reset Center is easier to get. It unlocks after 14 days of play, or the reset-to-unlock trick from New Leaf. It is now 158,000 Bells to build now.

Turning over PowerEdit

When the center opens, regardless of method, both Resettis appear. Regardless of method as well, the dialogue is the same. Resetti turns over his power to Don, who states that Resetti is now against hacking, a thing worse than resetting and is more worth getting mad about. However, Resetti will still talk to you after your tenth (10th) reset, as Sonny states. (Sonny is Mr. Resetti.) This conversation only happens with mayor players.

Dialogue (Resets)Edit


Don: We need to tell you something. We need some sort of "reset police" added to our, I mean your, town.

I have officially been granted main reset surveilance by Resetti himself.

Resetti: (pops out) That's right, Don. I'll get mad at you if you HACK. But beware. I will still get mad after you do a certain number of resets. I'm thinking... ten chances with Don.

Don: Well, if you reset, I'll give you some possible reasons. Say you had another reason if my choices don't help. Resetii won't give you any reasons.

*This is if you chose "It was on purpose."*

First ResetEdit

Don: Oh, yeah! I thought I would likely expect a purposely reset from you. Just avoid it, and you'll be fine with both Resettis, which are Sonny, my brother, and I. Just beware number 50...

Second ResetEdit

Don: Did I tell you to avoid it? Oh, right! you still have 8 chances left. Just don't betray us, lad (if male) lass (if female).

Third ResetEdit

Don: Only 7 chances left. are you sure you wanna take a risk? If you don't shape up by number 10, things will fall apart with you by the 12th reset, okay kiddo?

Fourth ResetEdit

Don: Brr... only 6 chances left. No worries, at least for the next six. Don't you dare say I didn't warn you. Oh! Have you seen K.K. Slider? He's my favorite! If only I didn't work 24/7...

Fifth ResetEdit

Don: 5 of 10 down. Keep it up, and you'll regret, as I won't help you. Either resist the urge, or be prepared for rage out of your MIND! Beware the Resettis!

Sixth ResetEdit

Don: You're real gutsy to reset six times. On purpose! For a quick warning, I brought Sonny with me.

Resetti: Okay! I ain't punishin' ya, so don't be scared! I'm just here to warn ya. You've used up SIX chances so far. That is most of them. Please stop doin' this for all of our pleasures.

Seventh ResetEdit

Don: Gettin' close to ten. Three left. This is a big cliffhanger. I need to see DJ K.K. on stage sometime. Err... I mean stop resettin, or I might become my brother. Just be careful, okay?

Eigth ResetEdit

Don: ARRRRGHHH!!!!! GAH!! I'm so sorry! Please forgive me. I think this becoming-my-brother thing might be true. Only 2 chances left. I'm worried for you, kiddo.

Ninth ResetEdit

Don: ...Oh my gosh... ...Nine of 'em... ...You're real good at this... ...There is only one chance left... ...Beware of Resetti's rage! I'M BEGGING YOU!

Tenth ResetEdit

Don: It's over. All ten chances are used up. I'm so sorry. I thought we had a friendship... Sorry to abandon you. DON KILLCODE 8 ACTIVATED!!! MUST RETREAT TO CENTER!!!

Don: Wow.. that new Don-Bot 12000 sure failed. But as the bot said, all ten chances are used up. Goodbye, maybe for good. DON RETURNING! RESET TEN USED UP!

Eleventh ResetEdit

Resetti: GRAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! How many times does ten mean? TEN! Not three or three hundred fourteen or even six million! I ain't seein' you anymore, got it?!

*Resets 12 through 49 are repeats of this dialougue, but ten is replaced with the reset number (ex. How many times does thirty-five mean? THIRTY-FIVE!)*

Fiftieth Reset "The Last Offense"Edit

Resetti: All residents have had problems with your resettin'! Even your cute secretary, Isabelle, has been having problems with you! We have agreed to exile you from this town. Bye bye! (If you're the mayor, the second oldest player in the town [by move-in date] becomes mayor. Others get character deleted.

Other DialoguesEdit

Batteries died!Edit

Don: How unfortunate! Remember to charge your batteries, and you will be safe.

I had no choice!Edit

Don: I should get mad at the guy that made you do this. If it was a hack or other force, I can't yell at it, of course.

Other reasons...Edit

Don: I can't really hear you out on this one. There are hundreds of other reasons that there could be! Maybe even more...