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ACCFSuperstar (stylized as A.S.S.) was a YouTube channel with over 2,000 subscribers. They made many videos weekly on their channel and they're mostly spoofs and edited videos of Animal Crossing. Most people consider their videos to be very funny but used a lot of innappropiate and crude humour. It all started on December 15, 2009 when Alec (ex-owner of ACCFSuperstar) decided to make this channel. He uploaded many different video AC related with an EasyCap video capturing device. He was formerly a part of the YouTube channel ACCFProduction but, unfortunately, the channel was closed eventually. On April 25, 2010, he invited David (currently MrDavidPerson on YouTube) into ACCFSuperstar. That was David's birthday. David, who was also formerly a member of the now closed ACCFProduction, was now going to be an editor of the channel. This changed ACCFSuperstar's channel completely. Now, they uploaded hardcore/funny spoofs/edits to this channel. Two of the past members from ACCFProduction joined A.S.S. on this date (Luke and Cedrick). Cedrick was the former owner of ACCFProduction until it was closed. In Summer of 2010, Luke and Cedrick eventually stopped showing up to the XAT chat where they would all talk. So, they found Stevie (ACCFStevie on YouTube, currently known as FizzingSoda). Stevie and Alec made a music video for Stevie's first video on ACCFSuperstar. 2 weeks later, Alec let him in the group when he gave him an invitation via MSN. Videos were made daily until December 2010 where Jsunknown (currently ACJakeJs) commented on their video called 'ACCF Stupefied 4' and said if ACCFSuperstar ever needed help, he'd be right there. On December 25, Alec invited Jsunknown to the XAT chat and there they would find out his name is Jake. Alec let him into the group. The channel grew it's popularity greatly for a while and eventually had popular youtuber AJPCrosser join them.

Videos were made regularly until February 28, 2014. The group was then disbanded due to intern conflicts and people moved on with their own channels although cooperating occassionally with each other

David later became shrub daddy and lived happily ever after.

Characters in their videosEdit

  • Brewster - In ACCFSuperstar's videos, Brewster is a character who has a quote from Team - Four Star's videos. The quote is 'I'MA RAPE YA BITCH'. He is known to have a very high temper and is very violent. He appears in ACCFSuperstar's most famous video called 'K.K. Slider Gets Kidnapped by Brewster' and is ACCFSuperstar's most famous character. He is voiced by David. He also has his very own series on the channel called 'A Moment With Brewster'.
  • Tortimer - Tortimer is often seen wearing a rainbow afro-wig and is ACCFSuperstar's second most famous character. His quote is 'Uhh.. I can explain' which is from a Sponge Bob SquarePants episode. He has never said anything else so, it is unkown who he is voiced by. He is rarely being used by ACCFSuperstar now for copyright issues.
  • Pete - Pete is not much seen anymore but, the viewers love him. His quote is 'IT'S MY DICK IN A BOX' from TheLonelyIsland's music video. But, again, it is rarely being used for copyright issues. He his voiced by David who has said one line as Pete in a video.
  • Tom Nook - Nook appears in A.S.S.'s two Fourth of July videos. He is dancing with fireworks in them and most fans look foward to the 4th of July to see Tom Nook. He has an Indian accent in their videos and is another famous character. His most recent appearance as of August 2012 is here. In one video, he is also the Museum owner instead of Blathers. He is also supposed to go green.
  • Orange Juice Snail - This character has never talked. He appeared in this video and an UnDeRgRoUnD video. Not much is known about him.
  • Shark - This shark appears in two Stupefied videos. Not much is known about this character either only besides that he eats Luke in every Stupefied skit that he was in.
  • K.K. - K.K. Slider doesn't have a role in A.S.S. videos besides being kidnapped by Brewster on two different times.
  • Master Chief - Master Chief was used a few times in ACCFSuperstar videos. He is voiced by David. His last video appearance was in January 2011. His debut was on What Happened to you, Cedrick?. This video was about how Cedrick left ACCFProduction for Xbox 360. He is voiced by David although, rarely seen. He also has made a few minor appearances in ACCF Stupefied videos, for example he appeared in ACCF Stupefied 5 after trespassing a dance club with Wendell, Pascal, and Saharah with an Electrode Pokémon that exploded (knocking out all three special characters) leaving Master Chief with a piece of cheese in the dance club.
  • Kool Aid Guy - This character has only been seen twice from a Campfire Song Song spoof ACCFSuperstar did and the Super Bowl
  • Toy Story Aliens - These aliens were the first character to debut once David joined A.S.S.. They can be seen at this video. They also appeared in the same UnDeRgRoUnD video as the Orange Juice Snail.
  • Katrina - Katrina is from a very popular video on the A.S.S. channel. She appears in ACCFMiniMoviez: Brewster's Chocolate Ass Adventure. She also appears in a small video made in 2010 which was featured on the ACCFSuperstar2 backup channel as a Behind the Scenes clip.
  • Sparta Head - Sparta's Head can be seen from this video and early Stupefied videos. He has not appeared in a video since then.
  • Mortal Kombat Guy - He is from a video called 'Mortal Kombat ACCF' and that was the only video he appeared in. He did not talk at all and his forgotten about.
  • Flower - The flower appears in two videos and is a new character. He is voiced by David and he is seen in 'Going Green' videos.
  • Resetti - Resetti is not seen much. He is seen in this video and this video. The Reset? NEVER! video is very popular in the ACCF Community.
  • Slim Shady Fishing Guy - This character is seen in one Stupefied singing 'Slim Shady'.
  • GIR - GIR is from Invader Zim and A.S.S. uses him as a character. Alec forced David to use him in a video and eventually, he did. He is in A.S.S.'s most popular videos but, is rarely seen. His debut was on this video. He also appeared in a Grand Theft Auto video A.S.S. did but, that video is hated for an odd reason. He also appeared in this video
  • Redd - Redd is not seen often. A.S.S. was going to involve him in a drug video but, David could not make it successful and it was never uploaded.
  • Copper and Booker - These guys have been seen once, if not, rarely. They were in an ACCFMiniShow.. a series that only has one video in it. You can find the video here.
  • Wendell - Wendell is seen in the Super Bowl video and was supposed to have a video involving GIR and Tortimer but, it was never uploaded.
  • ACCF SCARY FILM guy - This person is seen in a video called ACCF SCARY FILM 1. He appeared on a series in ACCFProduction called ACCF SCARY FILMS and they can be found on YouTube.
  • Champ - The monkey who screams "NIGGER" in ACCFSuperstar's Animal Crossing movies edited.
  • Egbert - A chicken villager who has made some minor appearances in ACCFSuperstar's videos, especially the Stupefied series. He retains his nature of his real personality, but his behavior has been modified to the way the other characters were designed in these videos.
  • Lloid - A male gyroid character from the newer Animal Crossing games that appears in several of ACCFSuperstar's movies. One of his earlier appearances were in the Creeper Rebellion video, where he told one of the creepers who was right next to him to chill out. He is voiced by either Alec or Jake.


  • The ACCF Stupefied series is often titled as 'Stupidified'. Nobody knows if it is actually 'Stupidified' or 'Stupefied'. A lot of people believe it's 'Stupefied' since that's the theme song's title.
  • An ACCF Reel Life II was supposed to be uploaded in early 2012, but, it never was.
  • ACCFSuperstar imports characters in a file that not most people know about. That's why the characters look 3D.
  • ACCFSuperstar has quit making videos exactly 17 times as of August 2012. Most of the 'quitting' was really breif.
  • ACCFsupertsra members talk to a semi-famous vlogger/skit maker called iFITZZZ and iSmartAlec.
  • In an ACCF UnDeRgRoUnD, Brewster fires a handgun, but, there is a rifle sound effect.
  • Brewster's original voice was supposed to be autotuned.
  • A.S.S. was once partnered but, got it taken away for copyright issues.
  • Brewster's famous "BULLSHIT!" catchphrase was inspired by the Adam Sandler movie - 8 Crazy Nights.
  • Dallin is Davids best friend, and talked to the crew for a year without even joining them