Animal Crossing: Arctic Dawn, known in Japan as Animal Forest: The Cold Awakening is the 5th main Animal Crossing game in the series, released on the PC and Wii U. It is a follow up to the Animal Crossing spinoff Animal Crossing: Happy Home DesignerIt is going to be released on December 5th, 2015 in North America and Japan, and December 20th in Europe.

The game is set in a small town, wrecked by a recent blizzard. Most of the animals have moved away to a hot island destination known as Palm Beach. Instead of the Town's animals being randomized, the game picks who moves in when you visit Palm Beach. You goal is to get as many animals to agree to go back to the town and restore the happiness that once lived there.

The elements of Happy Home Designer reappear when moving in a new animal. But the original tasks such as fishing and such are the same. 


The player gets onto a plane and sits next to a cat. The cat, Rover, asks what your name is, where you are headed, and other questions to help decide what you will look like. Once you tell him what town you are going to, he will tell you that this town has been almost vacant other than a few animals who are still residing there. Once you get off the train, you realize that the town looks empty. You are greeted by Tortimer who is happy to meet you. He tells you to go visit Tom Nook for the job that you have been applying for. 

Once at Tom Nook's store, he will tell you that before you start working with any of the animals, that you should meet them first. The game doesn't randomly choose the animals in the town already. The animals in your town are Anicotti, Aziz, Bianca, and Boomer. Anicotti tells you that she has been bored for days, due to the cold. She tells you that she is too cold to visit anyone and would like to have a small party. Once you visit everyone else, you have the option to ask them to the party. Everyone can go, or no one can go. If 1 or more animals go to Anicotti's party, then she will be happy and give you 1,000 bells. But if no one goes, she will be extremely sad. 

Tom Nook then tells you that you must mail something for him, similar to Wild World. You give the mail to Agnes, but she is very unhappy with her job. You tell Tom Nook and he will tell you to see if anyone else would like the job. Boomer will say that he is looking for a job, and he replaces Agnes. Tom tells you that you are done for the day and that you can go home.

You see that Aziz and Bianca are having a snow war and you can ask to join. If you do, they will give you 20 bells for playing with them. 

On the next day, the mayor tells you that Tom Nook wants you. You visit him, and he tells you that making a video of the town and posting it online would be helpful with getting more residents to come to the town. You are given a camera and take a 30 second video of whatever you want in first-person view. 

Tom Nook will then ask for you to go to Anicotti's and give her the new TV that she has been wanting. You give it to her but she says that she doesn't know where to place it, so you place it for her.

Tom Nook will give you another task. He will tell you to ask Boomer how he is doing. Boomer will be a mess and you must do something about it. You tell Tom and he says that you need to get Agnes, who moved to Palm Beach. You call Agnes and tell her that the town needs her help. She tells you that she can't come to the town because she doesn't have any money to take a train. Tom will tell you to get enough bells to get a train ride there and back, which is 1,000 bells. You don't need to if you had the party with Anicotti, but if you didn't, Bianca will ask if you could help her redecorate the house for 1,000 bells. Once you finish with that, you can leave the town and get to Palm Beach, where you will see Bonbon, Cyrano, Goose, Lily, and Pinky. You ask them where Agnes is and find Agnes at a small pool at the Bluebell Hotel. She will tell you that she has enough money after getting a job at the hotel and she can help Boomer. The both of you return to the town. She tells you that she will go help Boomer and you go find Tom Nook. He tells you that you are done for the day.

On the next day, Tom tells you to wake up with the mayor. They say that 2 new animals have moved into the town. Pippy and Pudge are the new animals. Pippy asks for a southern-styled house while Pudge asks for a superhero themed house. 

Once you finish, Tom Nook will be extremely happy with the the progress you have made with the town. The mayor is even happier and says that a train will be arriving everyday with 1 or more residents. You can choose to move them in or not. Tom Nook will tell you that you have the day off.

You exit Tom's store and it feels slightly warmer. 

The next day you wake up and see new visitors. Astrid, Bam, Bangle, and Mint are available to move in. You can choose to move in whoever you want from the selection.

If you chose to move in all of the animals, then Astrid will ask for help making a rock house but make it safe for her baby. Bam will ask for a sports-themed hang out for him and his friends. Bangle will ask for alot of fun stuff to do in her house. Mint will ask for an all-blue house. 

The next day, Tom Nook promotes you. You leave his store to check on Boomer after a few days and he is doing very well with the business. 

Suddenly, another animal walks in and it turns out to be Agnes. She moves back into the town and hangs out with Boomer.

The next day, the mayor arrives at your house to tell you that the town is almost a great, lively town again. After he leaves, you can visit the train station where Apple, Marcel, Monique, Monpe, Poncho, Rod, Teddy, and Deirdre are all available to move in.

For Apple, she wants a polka dot house. Marcel wants a chinese-styled home. He will also ask for a TV if you don't add one while building. Monique asks for a "fabulous" house with everything pink and white. Monpe asks for a replica of a rich person's house in 1850. Poncho asks for a modern luxury home with a good kitchen, living room, and bedroom. Rod asks for blue home with amazing technology. Teddy asks for a retro home with old technology. Deirdre asks for a forest-themed house.

If by this point everyone is moved in, the whole town will celebrate the rebuilding of the town. After this, the game credits roll through. Though, you can come back to the game and do more tasks for the townsfolk.

You can also move in as many villagers as you want after the game ends. They wont appear on the town map, but will actually appear in your friends list. You can make their houses for them like in HHD, but there aren't anymore major tasks.

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