Animal Crossing: Blue Sky is a planed sequel to City Folk on the Wii. It looks identical to City Folk. It was planned to be released in 2012. In this game, you are not the mayor of the town, like in City Folk. Tortimer is the mayor. Many of the features in Blue Sky made it to New Leaf.

Plot Edit

You ride a taxi with Rover. He first asks if the time is correct. If you say no, you can change it. He then asks you your name and you can type your name. He then asks if its "cool" or if it's "cute". You can also change it. If you choose "cool", he will say that you are a boy, you can choose "yes" or "I am not a boy". If you choose "yes", you are a boy, if you choose "I am not a boy", you are a girl. If you choose "cute", Rover will say that you are a girl, you can choose "yes" or "i am not a girl". If you choose "yes", you are a girl, if you choose "i am not a girl", then you are a boy. He then asks where are you going and you can type out the name of your town. You can also change it. He then asks questions that determine your look. After that, he gives you a map of the town and tells you to go to the town hall. After that, Kapp'n, the taxi driver, will say "Yarr <Town Name> is next!!! <Town Name> may be next..." Rover then says goodbye and the taxi stops at the stop and you walk off. You then have to go to the town hall like in City Folk. After, Pelly gives you that map and you can choose out of 4 houses to live in, like in City Folk. You then go inside your home and then Tom Nook comes running at you and asks you to work part time. Before being given the first task, Tom Nook gives the player a work uniform that must be worn as long as they holds their job. Most jobs are simple tasks, like delivering furniture, or planting flowers. The city cannot be visited until the player has completed the part time job. After all of Tom Nook's tasks are completed, 1,400 Bells will have been deducted from the mortgage.

Events Edit

List of events in the game:

Event Date Info
New Year's Jan 1st New Year's Day is held in honor of the New Year. The player can speak to Tortimer and he will give you a New Year's Shirt. Tom Nook will also be selling Mystery bags for 2,000 bells. The player can also receive 10,000 bells from Mom.
La-Di-Day Jan (2nd Saturday with odd number month only) On this day, all villagers in your town will compete to get a new Town tune.
Yay Day Jan (4th Sunday) On Yay Day the villagers exchange compliments. Later on in the year they will recall the compliments. Snooty and lazy villagers often have a better recollection of the compliments.
Fishing Tourney Jan (3rd Saturday) On this day, you're required to compete with the other villagers. There are two types of tourney, running from 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. Your objective is to catch the largest fish. During the tournaments held on the second Saturday of the month, any fish is accepted. The prize is the Gold Trophy. During the tournaments held on the third Saturday of the month, only specific fish will be accepted in the competition. For each of those tourneys, the specific fish is chosen at random from a potential three each month. The prize is the Silver Trophy.

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