Animal Crossing New World is a life sumilation game released for 3DS and Wii U.You can be Mayor once agian

and make your town the best town


Tom Nook stores:

Nooks Shack: It looks just like Nooks Cranny in previous games.It has 3 wallpapers and carpets,2 tools,3 pecies of furniture,and 3 stationary.

Nook Mart: After spending 25,000 bells at Nooks Shack,It gets upgraded to Nook Mart. It includes: 3 furniture,4 wallpapers and carpets,3 tools,a special tool, and a rare umbrella.

Super Nook: It upgrades agian after spending 50,000 bells at Nook Mart. It includes 4 tools, a special tool,a rarer umbrella,4 pecies of furniture,and four wallpapers and carpets.

Nooks Super Emporium: It upgared after spending 100,000 bells at Super Nook. It includes 5 tools, 2 K.K. Albums,2 fourtune cookies one special tool, a rare shirt, and the Floral Center Run by Flo,Leifs Sister.On the second floor is 18 pecies of furniture. On the top floor Leif owns a shop called Leifs Mega Garden. It includes both a watering can and axe,2 saplings, one bush 2 perfect fruits, a presimmon, and 3 bamboo shoots.

The Roost: The player can be mayor agian and build The Roost. K.K. Slider Peforms there on Friday and Saturday nights from 7:00 pm to 1:00 am. The player can work there just like in New Leaf. Most importanly you can by coffee.