Animal Crossing: Rosie's Revenge is a spin-off to the Animal Crossing Series. the system is unknown. 


One day, Rosie was taking to another universe by accidently going to a portal. In that world, that universe had more animal crossing games, though fanon. When some of the games dosen't have her, she sets on a quest to be in that game.

WORLD 0: [Tutorial and help]: Minstrall Town. Description: The town of Minstrall. Where Amy and Lucas Live. A Copy of Rosie lives there. Bluebear is also there, though she wants to touch a star in that land. Emily, a fanon character will help you along the way. 

WORLD 1: Animal Paradise

This world's mayor is Pinky. The famous Rider's Mall is there. Alice and Astrid runs the taylor, while Margie and Roscoe are evil in that town. If visit Elvis, he'll give you a gift to help you. To live in that town, you must defeat Pinky, then the next world will appear, while a Rosie Clone appears.

WORLD 2: Where's theres Day, there's Night.

The next town is Nightday. Puddles is the mayor there. Though Puddles is nice, this one will not let Rosie move, unless you defeat her. Rover runs a shop here. You can also find a new wand here used later in the game, A DayNight wand, a wand that can change the hour of the day. When Puddles is defeated, she magicly becomes nice, and a Rosie Clone moves to the town, making a new portal come.

WORLD 3: Back to the Past

The Next town is a GameCube town. A Cranky alligator named Arnie is the mayor. A Tool called the 'Time Travel Telescope' is in this town. It changes the town from any year. [EX: NL Town, change time to 2002, GCN Town] Once Arnie's defeated,  A Rosie Clone wearing a Short Cake Shirt comes. The Rosie clone here is younger, but changing the year to 2005 makes her older and in her Dazed Shirt. A magic pitfall comes and Rosie falls in it, taking her to the next town.


This is a special world, because Rosie is in that town. A peppy cat named Marsha runs a shop in this world, while a hen named Leigh teaches you new moves for the next world. 

WORLD 4: NOT The Vet you were looking for

The next town is named Floresville. The mayor is Krokorok, a Smug alligator. In order to defeat him, you have to throw bolders on him. When he's defeated, a Rosie Clone, dressed up as a nurse will magically appear. Then the whole town will turn into a Hospital, while a slide taking Rosie to the next town appears. But on the slide, a 10-Up Leaf appears, giving Rosie 10 Extra lives. 

WORLD 5: A Rival for Rosie

The next world is like Rosie's Hometown but weedy, always night, always halloween and all the trees don't have leaves. All the villagers in that town are also evil. When Rosie goes to where her house is in her town, a house is replaced with it and a new, Evil, rival of Rosie named 'Eisor' blocks the way and gets in a battle. After defeating Eisor, Rosie becomes mayor of the town and got a special flag called 'The Mayor Flag'. The town gets named 'RosieVil,' and the town becomes a exspancion to her main town. But there was still more towns that needed a Rosie Clone, so she took revenge on them!

WORLD 6: Rosie's Rad Racing

In the next town, it was transformed into a race course called 'Kart Crossing'. Only Special Characters [along with the villager from MK8, the villager from SSB4, two acww characters named Dawn and Chris, and Amy and Lucas from Minstrall Town. Emily was the host, and Rosie wanted to race. But when she finds out she can't race, she needs to battle Emily in a race. If she wins, a Rosie Clone appears but to find out shes DLC, with a course named 'Rosie's Movie Star Palace.' Then, a time machine appears to the next world. If she loses, a time machine appears, and Emily takes it, making a clone of her appearing in every world Rosie took over, along with Rosie dropping her tools and bells, and a game over screen appears. If Rosie tries again, they race again in a course called 'Emily's Amulet Palace'. If she fails on that course, the game starts all over.

WORLD 7: Fresh Cat of Youth

In the next world, it's a playroom. But then a person called 'The Ybab fo Htuoy' comes and turns back the time to 2000, when Rosie was born. Rosie slowly turns into a baby, but The Ybab fo Htuoy turns everyone else to adults. The infant Rosie can't use the Time Travel Telescope as Animal Forest wasn't on the N64 till 2001, making the game lock up. If that happens, Conker [though from the GBC game] comes up and tells the creators to unfreeze the game and turn Rosie back to normal. After Conker leaves, Rosie turns back to normal, and uses the Time Travel Telescope. If the player dosen't uses the Time Travel Telescope, she has to battle the Ybab fo Htuoy to turn back to normal. Once she's back to the present, a dark, warp pipe appears, and a younger Rosie goes in it too.

WORLD 8: Saving Myself

The warp pipe leads into Bowser's Castle. The younger Rosie comes out first, and gets kidnapped. The present Rosie came out near the cage and was going to save her, but Bowser teleports to The Great Tower of Bowser Land from SM3DW, And Rosie teleports there too magicly, and haves a battle VS Meowser. When the younger Rosie gets saved, Sprixies appear making a clear pipe that takes Rosie  back to her town Catvill and back in her dimension too. Meanwhile in Catvill, Mayor Cattina is having a election of witch cat is going to be the next mayor. Felicity sees Rosie, and votes her after telling her adventure. Rosie gets elected, and copies of Animal Crossing: Rosie's Revenge flocks everywhere in Rover's Video Games. Rosie keeps her stuff and surprizing, her mom [Rosialine] moves in her house. 

Note: When the game completes, a harder version of the game unlocks featuring all the levels backward and the good people evil and the evil people good and playing as Eisor. This mode is called 'Gnissorc Lamina: Eisor's Rival'. The goal is to make Eisor clones and defeat Rosie Clones. In World 8 and 5, she has to destroy Rosie.

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