Gender: Female
Personality: Normal
Species: Anteater
Birthday: February 6
Initial Phrase: "gumdrop"
Initial Clothes: "Dazed Shirt"
Pic Quote: "You can never be too abnormal"
Appearance(s): Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Annalisa is a character in Animal Crossing: Super World. She first appeared in New Leaf.


Annalisa is white and has black spots above her eyes. She has light pink blush below her eyes on her cheeks. She has black hair and a black tail. She initially wears the Dazed Shirt. The ends of her hands and feet are purple.


Annalisa's house has a Rococo theme. She has the Rococo wall and floor, a Rococo bed, sofa, dresser, and clock. She also has an exotic screen.


  • Name: Annalisa
  • Gender: Female
  • Personality: Normal
  • Species: Anteater
  • Star Sign: Aquarius
  • Birthday: February 6
  • Favorite Song: King K.K.

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