You are a young man/woman and you have chosen to leave the village to visit 'The Bigger Villages' after gathering 5 items to get you started, you leave to start your world tour. For the first time in Animal Crossing you will be able to see the inside of an Animal Crossing Aeroplane. Soon after you leave you make a amergency landing in a town named Los Angeles. Unfortunaley all the planes had been stopped so you have to start your journey there. 

Los AngelesEdit

After coming out of the airport, Lyle, now a Car Rental Specialist, appears to you inside the car park, saying that you can rent a car for only 57 bells per day or 655 bells per week, you can either agree or travel by buses. However buses come every 7 minutes so you have to take long breaks until the next bus. If you choose the bus then Lyle leaves you until the next 'Big Village'. But if you choose the car he will leave you alone until you stop using the car.

Once you have drove up to your hotel, Isabelle, the Receptionist, welcomes you to the hotel and gives you a room in which you can move around the furniture but not take it. In the hotel is a Cafe, a Pool and a Cinema Room. Isabelle says to meet her at the Cinema Room, at whatever time that fits you.

Once you meet her there she tells you that she wants you to do world travelling for her to get some ideas for her 3*** Hotel. You either agree and head to New York or you don't agree and do free sightseeing around the globe. 

Storyline CitiesEdit

The cities you can visit on missions.

Los AngelesEdit

Mayor= Sylvia (UCHI)

New YorkEdit

Mayor= Lionel (SMUG)


Mayor= Pietro (SMUG)


Mayor= Aziz (JOCK)


Mayor= Agent S (PEPPY)

Cape TownEdit

Mayor= Maple (NORMAL)


Mayor= Poppy (NORMAL)

Hong KongEdit

Mayor= Broffina (SNOOTY)


Mayor= Pekoe (NORMAL)


Mayor= Alice (NORMAL)

Non-Storyline CitiesEdit

Other Cities you can visit after the Missions.

Las VegasEdit









All sets include:

  • A Bed 
  • A TV
  • A Sofa
  • A Chair
  • A  Light
  • A Table
  • A Closet
  • A Chest of Drawers
  • A Special Sculpture
  • Wallpaper
  • Flooring


Along the game you will find money sharks. People who try to get your money with dodgy offers.

List of PeopleEdit

  • Portimer
  • K.K. Spider
  • Lizzabelle
  • Crewster
  • Pom Nook
  • Pooklings
  • Flathers
  • Cepeste
  • Plyle
  • Welly
  • Cable
  • Meese

List of People (Real Names)Edit

  • Jackerino
  • Lossa Sanella
  • Tonio
  • Redsa
  • Choodi Chaka & Chezzaia Chaka
  • Toopqa
  • Szada
  • Chambellynn
  • Wadettaie
  • Czecrk
  • Meethaloona

Not To Be Confused WithEdit

  • Tortimer
  • K.K. Slider
  • Isabelle
  • Brewster
  • Tom Nook
  • Nooklings
  • Blathers
  • Celeste
  • Lyle
  • Pelly
  • Lable, Mable, Sable
  • Reese

With Nintendo EShopEdit

New FeaturesEdit


Add a picture on to your bill board.

Spotpass AdventuresEdit

View new cities with spotpass including...


Go to a Museum in Europe/Japan/USA/Australia


Visit the Cannes film fest.


Go to a Sports Direct


Visit Disneyland Paris/Hong Kong/Tokyo


Visit Disneyworld Florida


Visit a Walmart or Asda


Visit a 7/11 or go to a AC Certified Temple

Alice SpringsEdit

Visit a AC Certified Fete

Reigate UKEdit

Visit a Tesco or Fresh 'n' Easy Store

Glen Ellen US

Visit a BestBuy Store

An Adventure Everyday-----------AC The Bigger VillagerEdit