Animal Crossing: Tropical Wonders, leads you on a epic journey through the tropics, where you become mayor of a town cursed with Earthquakes. Your objective is to fulfill the town's former glory by building, houses, shops and even big projects. Available 3DS, Wii, Tablet (Kindle Fire, Ipad, Ipad Mini, Samsung)


-3DS has different controls to Tablet Versions-


Circle Pad- Move

D-Pad Up- Equip Item

D-Pad Left or Right- Change Equipped Item

D-Pad Down- View Sky or Change View inside

A- Use Item

B- Run

Y- Change Item

X- Pick Up Item

R- Equip TPC

L- Equip Encyclopaedia


Left Arrow - Move Left

Right Arrow- Move Right

Up Arrow- Move Forward

Down Arrow- Move Backward

TP- Open Town Pass

AD- Open Designs

E- Open Encyclopaedia

I- Open Inventory

CAMERA PAD- Change View


New features include Rodents, Amphibians and Crustaceans


Name   Price   Location   Time   Months   Peak Times   Peak Months  
Agrias Butterfly 3,000 Flying (Near Flowers) / Island 8am-5pm June-Sept
Ant 80 On Dropped Candy or Rotten Turnips All Day All Year
Atlas Beetle 8,000 On Palm Trees 7pm-8am Jun-Aug
Bagworm 300 Hanging from trees 7pm-8am Oct-Feb
Banded Dragonfly 4,500 Flying Anywhere 8am-5pm Jul-Aug

4,500 2,500 2,000

In Trees All Day All Year
Bell Cricket 430 In Grass 5pm-8am Sep-Oct
Birdwing Butterfly 3,000


Flying (Near Flowers) 8am-5pm Jun-Sept
Brown Cicada 200 On Trees 8am-5pm Jul-Aug
Centipede 300 In Rocks Night June-Feb
Cicada Shell 100 On Trees All Day July-Aug
Cockroach 5 On Trees All Day All Year
Common Butterfly 90 Flying (Near Flowers) 4am-7pm Mar-Sept 8am-5pm Apr-Jun
Crab 150 Walking on the beach All Day All Year
Cricket 130 In Grass 5pm-8am Sept-Nov 9pm-4am Sept-Oct
Cyclommatus Stag 8,000 On Trees 9pm-8am(CF)


Darner Dragonfly 200 Flying Anywhere 8am-5pm Jun-Aug 9am-4pm June
Diving Beetle 800 In/On Freshwater 8am-5pm May-Sept
Drone Beetle 100 On Trees / Island All Day July-Sept
Dung Beetle 800 Rolling Snowballs 5pm-8am Dec-Feb
Dynastid Beetle 1,350 On Trees 5pm-8am Jul-Aug
Elephant Beetle 8,000 On Palm Trees 7pm-8am Jul-Aug
Emperor Butterfly 2,500 Flying (Near Flowers) 8am-5pm(AC&WW)


Evening Cicada 550 On Trees 4am-8am, 4pm-7pm July-Aug
Firefly 300 Near Fresh Water 7pm-4am June
Flea 70 On Villager All Day Mar-Nov
Fly 60 Flying near Rafflesia, Rotten Turnips or Garbage All Day All Year
Fruit Beetle 100 On Trees All Day Jul-Sep 7pm-8am Sept
Giant Beetle 10,000 On Trees 11pm-8am Jul-Aug
Giant Cicada 500 On Trees 8am-5pm Jul-Aug
Giant Petaltail 8,000 Flying 4pm-7pm Aug-Oct
Golden Stag 12,000 On Trees 5pm-8am Jul-Aug
Goliath beetle 6,000 On Palm Trees 7pm-8am(WW), 5pm-8am(CF) Jun-Aug 7pm-1am(CF)
Grasshopper 160 In Grass 9am-4pm Jul-Sept 8am-5pm Sept
Hercules Beetle 12,000 On Palm Trees 7pm-4am Jul-Aug
Hermit Crab 1,000 Island Beach 7pm-8am All Year
Honeybee 100 Flying near Flowers 8am-5pm Mar-Aug 9am-4pm Mar-Jun
Horned Dynastid 1,350 On Trees  ??? June-???
Horned Atlas 8,000 On Palm Trees 5pm-8am July-Aug
House Centipede 250 Hit Rocks 7pm-8am Aug-Oct
Jewel Beetle 2,400 On Trees 8am-5pm Jul-Aug
Ladybug 200 On Flowers 8am-5pm Mar-Jun,Oct 9am-4pm Mar-May
Lantern Fly 1,800 On Trees 4pm-7pm, 11pm-8am Jun-Sept
Long Locust 200 In Grass 8am-7pm Aug-Nov(WW)May-Nov(CF) 9am-4pm Mar-Jun
Longhorn Beetle 260 On trees(AC&WW)

On tree stumps(CF)

8am-5pm Jun-Aug
Mantis 430 On Flowers 8am-5pm Apr-Nov(CF)Aug-Nov(WW) 9am-4pm Sep-Nov
Migratory Locust 600 In Grass 8am-7pm Sep-Nov(WW)Aug-Nov(CF) 9am-4pm Sep-Oct
Miyama Stag 1,000 On Trees All Day Jun-Aug
Mole Cricket 280 Underground All Day Nov-May
Monarch Butterfly 90


Flying (Near Flowers) 8am-5pm Sept-Nov 8am-4pm Oct-Nov
Mosquito 130 Flying Anywhere 5pm-4am Jun-Sep 4pm-4am Jun-Aug
Moth 60 Near Lights (Outside) 7pm-4am May-Sept 9pm-4am Jun-Aug
Oak Silk Moth 1,200 On Trees 7pm-4am Jun-Sept
Orchid Mantis 2,400 On Flowers 8am-5pm Aug-Nov(WW) Apr-Nov(CF&NL Sep-Nov
Peacock (Butterfly) 220 Flying (Near Blue, Violet & Black Flowers) 8am-5pm Mar-Sept 8am-4pm Jul-Sept
Pill Bug 250 Under Rocks All Day All Year
Pine Cricket 100 In Grass 5pm-8am Sept-Oct
Pondskater 130 Main Pond/Holding Ponds 8am-7pm Jun-Sep
Rainbow Stag 10,000 On Trees 7pm-8am Jun-Sept
Raja Brooke Butterfly 2,500 Flying (Near Freshwater) 8am-5pm(May/July)


Red Dragonfly 80 Flying Anywhere 8am-7pm Sep-Oct
Rice Grasshopper 400 On Ground 8am-7pm Aug-Sept
Robust Cicada 300 On Trees 8am-5pm Jul-Aug
Saw Stag Beetle 2,000 On Trees All Day Jul-Aug 9pm-4am Jul-Aug
Scarab Beetle 6,000 On Trees 11pm-8am Jul-Aug
Scorpion 8,000 On Ground 7pm-4am Jul-Sept
Snail 250 On Flowers All Day Apr-Sep
Spider 300 In Trees All Day Mar-Nov
Stag Beetle 2,000 On Trees 7pm-8am Jun-Aug 9pm-4am Jul-Aug
Stinkbug 120 On Trees All Day Apr-Oct
Tarantula 8,000 On Ground 7pm-4am Jun-Aug
Tiger Beetl


1,500 On Ground 8am-7pm; 4am-5pm Mar-Sept, Oct
Tiger Butterfly 160 Flying Near Red & Pink Flowers 8am-5pm Mar-Jun 8am-4pm Mar-Sept
Violin Beetle 250 On Tree Stumps 4am-7pm June

4am-5pm Sept-Oct 8am-5pm Nov

Jun, Sept-Nov
Walker Cicada 400 On Trees 8am-5pm Jul-Sept
Walkingstick 600 On Trees 4am-7pm Jul-Nov
Walking Leaf( 600 On Ground 4am-7pm Jul-Nov
Wharf Roach 200 Beach All Day All Year
Yellow Butterfly 80 Flying 4am-7pm Mar-Jun, Sep


Sell Price- 9500

Where- On Banana Trees and Bananas

Time- 6pm- 10pm

Month- July- November

After Catching- I caught a Banana Tarantula, I was going bananas over this bug!


Sell Price- 1200

Where- On Trees

Time- 6am- 9pm

Month- February- June

After Catching- I caught a Moss Mantis, Hey where's it gone!


Sell Price- 200

Where- Flowers

Time- 4am- 10am

Month- November- March

After Catching- I caught a Hemiptera, Eww! What's that blue stuff...


Sell Price- 11000

Where- In trees

Time- All Day

Month- June- July

After Catching- I caught a Jewelled Wasp, Infestation! Run for the Hills!              

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