Animal Crossing: Veterinary is a fifth Animal Crossing game, on the PC, and the Wii U, released on the year of 2015!

The GameEdit

This game took place on "Animal Crossing Veterinary", the part of it, appeared on Floresville, Texas.

This game is NOT about the Veterinary of about sick animals at the animal hospital, this is about you visit your town with new animals appeared in the game!

When I set up the game, there are 400 villagers, to be featured to return some villagers appeared on previous Animal Crossing games, such as New Leaf, all of the villagers from Gamecube and Forest e+ exclusives makes the return in the game! This game is featured 5 new animal species, such as raccoons, otters, bats, dragons, and chinchillas!

Here are the villagers (Please don't edit the villagers list):

Alligators (10)

Alli (Snooty)

Boots (Jock)

Charlie (Cranky)

Drago (Lazy)

Gretchen (Peppy)

Krokorok (Smug)

Liz (Normal)

Pinecone (Smug)

Rhyma (Snooty)

Totodile (Normal)

Anteaters (10)

Annalisa (Normal)

Cinder (Peppy)

Heatie (Uchi)

Lilo (Peppy)

Nosegay (Normal)

Olaf (Smug)

Shrew (Snooty)

Sniffles (Jock)

Snooty (Uchi)

Zoe (Normal)

Bats (10)

Albino (Cranky)

Andy (Smug)

Crow (Jock)

Frizzle (Snooty)

Fufu (Lazy)

Herman (Lazy)

Jowee (Jock)

Katty (Uchi)

Swoop (Cranky)

Wealthy (Normal)

Bears (10)

Beardo (Smug)

Carter (Cranky)

Charlise (Uchi)

Dozer (Lazy)

Paula (Uchi)

Pedobear (Jock)

Pooh (Lazy)

Ringo (Cranky)

Sierra (Peppy)

Ursala (Snooty)

Bear Cubs (10)

Barold (Lazy)

Cheri (Peppy)

Cupcake (Snooty)

Flippy (Cranky)

Giggles (Peppy)

June (Normal)

Murphy (Cranky)

Olive (Normal)

Poko (Jock)

Tammy (Uchi)

Birds (10)

Ace (Jock)

Admiral (Cranky)

Flash (Smug)

Jacob (Lazy)

Joe (Cranky)

Lola (Snooty)

Mordecai (Jock)

Otis (Lazy)

Piper (Peppy)

Twirp (Cranky)

Bulls (10)

Chappy (Lazy)

Chuck (Cranky)

Coach (Jock)

Colin (Smug)

Heffer (Lazy)

Oxford (Smug)

Stu (Lazy)

T-Bone (Cranky)

Vallegas (Uchi)

Verdun (Cranky)

Cats (24)

Dusty (Peppy)

Kaleigh (Normal)

Kisha (Snooty)

Mandy (Snooty)

Marsha (Peppy)

Meow (Peppy)

Mireiko (Peppy)

Nicole (Snooty)

Noreen (Snooty)

Pierre (Lazy)

Pumpkin (Peppy)

Purrloin (Jock)

Rosie (Peppy)

Rudy (Jock)

Sapphire (Peppy)

Sarah (Uchi)

Sassy (Normal)

Shaina (Snooty)

Sheen (Cranky)

Sneasel (Snooty)

Sylvie (Peppy)

Toborr (Peppy)

Tom (Cranky)

Tuna (Peppy)

Chickens (10)

Ava (Normal)

Betty (Uchi)

Blaze (Smug)

Broffina (Snooty)

Dylan (Lazy)

Hank (Smug)

Hector (Jock)

Leigh (Uchi)

Plucky (Peppy)

Rhoda (Snooty)

Chinchillas (10)

Bliss (Normal)

Chilly (Normal)

Dusk (Smug)

Heather (Normal)

Isaac (Lazy)

Kaguya (Snooty)

Mary (Peppy)

Nerdy (Smug)

Rebecca (Peppy)

Wilfre (Cranky)

Cows (10)

Belle (Peppy)

Bessie (Normal)

Carrot (Normal)

Explode (Snooty)

Isako (Normal)

Lois (Uchi)

Maggie (Uchi)

Milky (Peppy)

Naomi (Snooty)

Purple (Snooty)

Deers (10)

Bambi (Normal)

Beau (Lazy)

Bruce (Cranky)

Deerling (Peppy)

Deirdre (Uchi)

Diana (Snooty)

Fatique (Lazy)

Fauna (Normal)

Lumpy (Lazy)

Zell (Smug)

Dogs (10)

Abby (Normal)

Bea (Smug)

Bow (Lazy)

Cerberus (Cranky)

Corona (Smug)

Maddie (Peppy)

Meg (Peppy)

Pepper (Snooty)

Porkchop (Jock)

Shriek (Peppy)

Dragons (10)

Cassie (Normal)

Hiccup (Cranky)

Hooktail (Peppy)

Junior (Jock)

Miggles (Lazy)

Ness (Jock)

Ord (Smug)

Red (Cranky)

Scales (Uchi)

Shadow (Snooty)

Ducks (10)

Annie (Snooty)

Donald (Lazy)

Flick (Jock)

Fruity (Jock)

Helen (Snooty)

Ketchup (Peppy)

Pompom (Peppy)

Steve (Cranky)

Tot (Normal)

Weber (Smug)

Eagles (10)

Bullette (Snooty)

Buzz (Cranky)

Celia (Normal)

Frank (Cranky)

Keaton (Smug)

Matthew (Lazy)

Nigel (Smug)

Quetzal (Jock)

Sakuna (Uchi)

Scarlett (Snooty)

Elephants (10)

Elina (Snooty)

Ellie (Normal)

Frax (Snooty)

Mushie (Normal)

Paolo (Smug)

Phanpy (Peppy)

Raj (Lazy)

Swine (Cranky)

Tia (Normal)

Tucker (Lazy)

Frogs (11)

Alexa (Snooty)

Beverly (Uchi)

Burgundy (Peppy)

Croque (Cranky)

Emerald (Normal)

Froggy (Jock)

Henry (Smug)

Huck (Smug)

Kakkun (Lazy)

Sunny (Normal)

Tad (Jock)

Goats (10)

Amphy (Peppy)

Billy (Jock)

Cyborg (Snooty)

Goatie (Normal)

Gruff (Cranky)

Iggy (Smug)

Kidd (Smug)

Pashmina (Uchi)

Sven (Smug)

Velma (Snooty)

Gorillas (10)

Boyd (Smug)

Cindy (Uchi)

Fever (Snooty)

Fischer (Cranky)

Jane (Snooty)

Lizzie (Uchi)

Louie (Jock)

Skips (Cranky)

Slack (Lazy)

Yodel (Smug)

Hamsters (10)

Aisle (Smug)

Apple (Peppy)

Flurry (Normal)

Freck (Lazy)

Hamlet (Jock)

Hamphrey (Cranky)

Hamtaro (Jock)

Jordan (Uchi)

Mindy (Uchi)

Soleil (Snooty)

Hippos (13)

Bertha (Normal)

Biff (Jock)

Bitty (Uchi)

Bubbles (Peppy)

Clara (Normal)

Harry (Cranky)

Hippeux (Smug)

Justin (Cranky)

Lulu (Peppy)

Odette (Snooty)

Rocco (Cranky)

Rollo (Lazy)

Horses (10)

Annalise (Snooty)

Cleo (Peppy)

Colton (Smug)

Epona (Peppy)

Logan (Cranky)

Marty (Jock)

Papi (Lazy)

Ponyta (Normal)

Ray (Cranky)

Uni (Uchi)

Kangaroos (10)

Carrie (Normal)

Kanga (Lazy)

Koharu (Snooty)

Marcy (Peppy)

Patsy (Peppy)

Rocko (Jock)

Roo (Jock)

Rooney (Cranky)

Sylvia (Uchi)

Valise (Uchi)

Koalas (10)

Austin (Lazy)

Canberra (Uchi)

Faith (Normal)

Gonzo (Cranky)

Huggy (Uchi)

Lyman (Jock)

Natalya (Peppy)

Ozzie (Lazy)

Stitch (Lazy)

Zena (Uchi)

Lions (10)

Aziz (Cranky)

James (Jock)

Jubei (Cranky)

Ksusha (Uchi)

Leopold (Jock)

Lionel (Smug)

Nala (Peppy)

Rex (Lazy)

Rory (Jock)

Scar (Smug)

Mice (11)

Anicotti (Peppy)

Ash (Jock)

Bob (Cranky)

Broccolo (Lazy)

Candi (Peppy)

Chico (Lazy)

Flossie (Peppy)

Jerry (Lazy)

Jessica (Snooty)

Penny (Uchi)

Winslow (Jock)

Monkeys (10)

Champ (Jock)

Elise (Snooty)

Lazlo (Smug)

Lou (Jock)

Monty (Cranky)

Nana (Normal)

Plum (Snooty)

Shari (Uchi)

Simon (Lazy)

Tammi (Peppy)

Octopi (10)

Birdo (Peppy)

Bloober (Normal)

Deku (Lazy)

Manon (Smug)

Mecha (Cranky)

Octarina (Snooty)

Orbit (Jock)

Tillery (Uchi)

Ursula (Snooty)

Zucker (Lazy)

Ostriches (10)

Big Bird (Jock)

Blanche (Snooty)

Flora (Peppy)

Julia (Peppy)

Moa (Uchi)

Nintendo (Lazy)

Rio (Uchi)

Sandy (Normal)

Shen (Cranky)

Sprocket (Smug)

Otters (10)

Brian (Lazy)

Butter (Normal)

Dewey (Jock)

Furret (Uchi)

Jelly (Peppy)

Lyle (Jock)

Mike (Cranky)

Myles (Peppy)

P.Bean (Snooty)

Peanut (Smug)

Penguins (11)

Analog (Jock)

Bobby (Lazy)

Bruno (Lazy)

Deitch (Jock)

Delibird (Cranky)

Flo (Uchi)

Paris (Snooty)

Piplup (Normal)

Rocky (Jock)

Sherry (Snooty)

Sprinkle (Peppy)

Pigs (10)

Agnes (Uchi)

Boris (Cranky)

Cobb (Jock)

Hambo (Smug)

Kevin (Jock)

Margaret (Normal)

Pancetti (Snooty)

Pigleg (Cranky)

Rasher (Cranky)

Sue E. (Uchi)

Rabbits (10)

Bonbon (Peppy)

Buster (Lazy)

Carmen (Peppy)

Claude (Smug)

Cole (Lazy)

Cuddles (Lazy)

Doc (Lazy)

Loppa (Snooty)

O'Hare (Smug)

Rancid (Jock)

Raccoons (10)

Angie (Snooty)

Daggett (Lazy)

Golden (Normal)

Lifty (Smug)

Mario (Lazy)

Nook (Jock)

Pinch (Peppy)

Rigby (Smug)

Stone (Uchi)

Tanuki (Cranky)

Rhinos (10)

Clam (Jock)

Flowery (Snooty)

Helga (Uchi)

Hornsby (Lazy)

Merengue (Normal)

Patricia (Normal)

Renee (Uchi)

Rhydon (Smug)

Spike (Cranky)

Tiara (Snooty)

Sheeps (14)

Cashmere (Snooty)

Curlos (Smug)

Doooer (Cranky)

Ellen (Normal)

Gen (Jock)

Janine (Snooty)

Mareep (Normal)

Shay (Normal)

Stella (Uchi)

Vesta (Normal)

Wendy (Peppy)

Wilamina (Peppy)

Willow (Snooty)

Woolio (Uchi)

Squirrels (11)

Cally (Normal)

Chestnut (Uchi)

Eddie (Jock)

Kit (Jock)

Natalia (Uchi)

Natasha (Snooty)

Petunia (Snooty)

Ricky (Cranky)

Sally (Normal)

Scaredy (Lazy)

Tweed (Smug)

Tigers (10)

Bangle (Peppy)

Bianca (Peppy)

Chloe (Uchi)

Chris (Cranky)

Leonardo (Jock)

Taylor (Smug)

Thunderu (Smug)

Tigeress (Normal)

Tybalt (Cranky)

Xerneas (Uchi)

Wolves (10)

Ashley (Normal)

Chief (Cranky)

Cody (Peppy)

Dobie (Lazy)

Krystal (Uchi)

Melvina (Snooty)

Skye (Normal)

Tarou (Jock)

Vanessa (Snooty)

Zack (Lazy)


Rover - a cat can drive in his own car, when you start a game, he will ask you questions!

Isabelle - a dog, who still a secretary

Chip - remember him doing Fishing Tourney on latest games, now he works at Chip's Homes for House Construction

Reese - an alpaca, works at the R.Parkers store, now for the store simular to Tom Nook store or Nookling store on latest games.