Animal Crossing: Welcome To The Wild City is a new game, released for DS and Wii.

Plot Edit

Animal Crossing: Welcome To The Wild City has the same plot line as previous Animal Crossing games. It involves a person moving into a town, etc.

New Features Edit

All the holidays now return on DS, such as Christmas, Halloween, Easter and so on.

Tom Nook has more store upgrades now. From Nookingtons, it can be upgraded to: Nook Supreme (500,000 Bells) 3 Floors Nook Ultra (600,000 Bells) 4 Floors Platinum Nook (100,000,000 Bells) Shopping Centre

With Platinum Nook, the Able Sisters and everyone from the city moves into this shopping centre. Nook owns all of it and rents it out to each of them. If you don't visit a certain store every 3 days, like GracieGrace, when it's moved to Platinum Nook, it'll move away into the city. Not visiting it in the city will cause it to move away completely, so many rare items are lost. Once all are gone, the city collapses into ruins, the only people there being Redd and Kicks.

You can now befriend characters such as Tom Nook, The Able Sisters and Tortimer. They will then start sending you letters, with presents attached.

You can also voluntarily work for anyone. For example, you can work for Tom Nook. You can also work for other people, like Blathers, which is more fun. Here are a list of employees, payment earned a day and jobs you do for them:

Blathers - (1,000 Bells) Collect fossils, bugs, paintings and fish. You must also display them correctly.

Brewster - (500 Bells) Make coffee and make sure KK Slider arrives on time.

Celeste - (200 Bells) Chart the star map.

Chameleon - (900 Bells) Collect bugs. Note - you cannot be employed by Blathers as well when you do this job.

Chip - (900 Bells) Collect fish. Note - you cannot be employed by Blathers as well when you do this job.

Don/Mr Resetti - (1,500 Bells) Rush off when the alarm sounds that someone has Reset. This is the only time you can access Resetti's tunnels. The alarm signals you to go to another player's town and tell them not to reset. You cannot exit the tunnels in another town.

Dr Shrunk - (100 Bells) Invent and perform emotions. No vulgar ones are accepted.

Gracie/Labelle - (5,000 Bells) Invent clothes, buy stock, put up clothes, choose sensible prices and send letters to players, telling them to come to GracieGrace. Any stock you invent in your town will be listed for the next change of clothes in GracieGrace in all towns. 6 clothing items and 4 accesories are chosen. The furniture remains the same.

Harriet - (1,500 Bells) Invent new hairstyles and market them.

Jingle/Santa - (10,000 Bells) Rush around to all towns in the world and deliver presents to all neighbours, special characters ect there. You have 48 hours to do this, starting at 12:00 am on 22nd December and finishing at 11:59 pm on 24th December. You can only do this once a year. If you complete it in time, Santa visits you and grants you a wish, out of these:

Furniture - (you earn an ultra-rare sleigh with reindeer that you can ride around town)

Cash - (you get 150,000 Bells)

Clothing - (you get the ultra-rare Santa clothing and boots)

Accessory - (you get the magic Christmas wand which lets you edit the weather to any type, i.e. it could snow in the summer)

Magic - (the magic wand lets you edit the town neighbours, weather and removes all weeds forever)

Everything - (he call you arrogant you can't work for anyone again.)

Nothing - (he calls you modest, then asks again. If you choose something the 2nd time, he says you are being arrogant and the game shuts down, so you lose all items and bells and have to restart. Choosing Nothing again allows you to have Jingle as a neighbour in your town. He stays for one day, no matter what you do. After a day, you fly off with him and Santa in his sleigh. You then unlock a secret house upgrade, Santa's House, but can't see it as you stay with Santa at the North Pole/Lapland forever)

Tom Nook - (1,400 Bells) Make deliveries, put up items, choose sensible prices and send letters.