Animal Crossing: Future Coming--------------------

Tom Nooks Store-------------

With Tom Nooks Store He Has 7 upgrades

Nooks Cranny (Starter) Quickiee-Nook (Second Obtain By Spending 10,000 bells) Nook 'n Good (Third Obtain By Spedning 50,000 bells) Nook (Fouth Obtain By Spending 100,000 bells) Nook d'e Quee (Fith obtain by spending 250,000 bells) Nook e' d'e looo (Sixth Obtain By Spending 500,000 bellls) Grande Nooks (Last Obtain by spending 1,000,000 bells)

  • Grande Nooks contains a restraunt and a ninja monkey chef

Town Hall--------------------

Pelly operates the town donations and the letter sending

At Night Joseph Works Insted

Speedy the pelican works at the back of the town hall he can mail letters faster but for a price of 1,000 bells also he may scam you by making the letter look like you are trying to get a neighbour to move

Able Sisters--------------

Futtoable owns this shop while labelle,able and mable work their. Futtoable can be seen on mondays she gives you a patched shirt and takes all your items and she buys your house she will yell "SECIRITY!!" and copper and booker will remove you

Court House----------------

Lyle will be the worker here he will ask you who to sue and why (this includes Futtoable) you need to give him 2,000 bells and he will battle in court with them the next day he will tell you how it went. If you win you get your stolen items, ETC back and a extra 10,000 bells.


Booker and copper will operate the prison. You can commit yourself to find ratt and he will give you a old key and a wooden spoon you then can dig out and go to everyones house

pod stop-------------

Gary will be a operater who will let yoy ride in a pod togo to Mars


Mars is overrun by evil aliens. if they catch you they will turn your head into a gyroid. This can be fixed by E.L.M.O


Elmo is a bot who will edit your life to your needs (E.L.M.O stand for eletronic life mobile oblidirator