Animal Crossing 5Edit

Animal Crossing 5 is a Wii U game. It has 11 Nookling store types, 110 songs, many new residents, and much more.

Sequence of Home UpgradesEdit

You can build up to Life Mansion.

Life Hut (Starter)Edit

Life Shack (Pay 15,000 Bells from Life Hut)

Life House (Pay 40,000 Bells from Life Shack)

Life Duplex Mini (2nd floor, Pay 25,000 Bells from Life House)

Life Duplex Medium (Pay 40,000 Bells from Life Duplex Mini)

Life Duplex Large (Pay 60,000 Bells from Life Duplex Medium)

Total Pay: 180,000 Bells

Left RoomEdit

Unbalanced-Room Small (Pay 100,000 Bells from Life Duplex Large)

Unbalanced-Room Medium (Pay 50,000 Bells from Unbalanced-Room Small)

Unbalanced-Room Large (Pay 95,000 Bells from Unbalanced-Room Medium)

Total Pay: 255,000 Bells Total Overall: 435,000 Bells

Back RoomEdit

Back-Heavy Room Small (Pay 50,000 Bells from Unbalanced-Room Large)

Back-Heavy Room Medium (Pay 75,000 Bells from Unbalanced-Room Small)

Back-Heavy Room Large (Pay 125,000 Bells from Unbalanced-Room Medium)

Total Pay: 250,000 Bells Total Overall: 685,000 Bells

Right RoomEdit

Balanced-Room Small (100,000 Bells from Back-Heavy Room Large)

Balanced-Room Medium (100,000 Bells from Balanced-Room Small)

Balanced-Room Large (105,000 Bells from Balanced-Room Medium)

Total Pay: 305,000 Bells Total Overall: 990,000

Rich-Basement HubEdit

Rich-Basement Hub (Pay 250,000 Bells from Balanced-Room Large, Have 100,000 HHA Pts, spend 5,000,000 bells, have 200 furniture in your catalog)

Total Pay: 250,000 Bells Total Overall: 1,150,000 Bells

Bronze RoomEdit

Bronze Room (100,000 Bells from Hub)

Total Overall: 1,250,000 Bells

Silver RoomEdit

Silver Room (200,000 Bells from Bronze Room)

Total Overall: 1,450,000 Bells

Gold RoomEdit

Gold Room (500,000 Bells from Silver Room)

Total Overall: 1,950,000 Bells


Daily 10,000 Dispenser (50,000 Bells, have 50,000 HHA Pts)

Total Overall: 2,000,000 Bells

Secret AtticEdit

Special Room (3,000,000 Bells from Gold Room)

Total Overall: 5,000,000 Bells

Secret BasementEdit

Special Room (5,000,000 Bells)

Total Overall: 10,000,000 Bells

Life-Mansion UpgradeEdit

Life Mansion (40,000,000 Bells)

Total Overall: 50,000,000 Bells

New SongsEdit

K.K. Zydeco (After Disco) 92/110Edit

Electronic K.K. (Type of Song: Electronica) 93/110

Yotta K.K. (Song of the Septillion) 94/110

K.K. Gospel 95/110

K.K. Life Tune (Song Type: Fusion) 96/110

Madrigal K.K. 97/110

Classical K.K. 98/110

K.K. Wisp 99/110

K.K. Child's Dream (Song Type: Children's Television Music) 100/110

Slider 101/110

Hive Dance Tune 102/110

Fuse Rocket 103/110

Banana Song 104/110

Untitled Song 104.8 105/110

Secret Songs (5 New)Edit

Dark K.K. Light 106/110

Return of K.K. Rider 107/110

Oriental K.K. 108/110

K.K. Sky 109/110

K.K. Master 110/110

About K.K. MasterEdit

Pay 50,000 Bells upfront, have all 109 other songs.

Store Upgrades-Nooklings (11)Edit

  1. Nookling Junction (Starter)
  2. T&T Mart (10,000 Bells, 7 Days)
  3. Super T&T (45,000 Bells, 15 Days)
  4. T&T Supercenter (75,000 Bells, 20 Days)
  5. T.I.Y. (100,000 Bells, 30 Days)
  6. T.I.Y. Deluxe (110,000 Bells, 35 Days)
  7. T&T Emporium (500,000 Bells, 3 Days)
  8. T&T Megamart (300,000 Bells, 30 Days)
  9. T.I.Y. Mini-Mall (555,555 Bells, 55 Days)
  10. Nookling Gigaplex (666,666 Bells, 60 Days)
  11. Nookling Teraplex (999,999 Bells, 100 Days)

New ResidentsEdit

  • Waldo (Male, Lazy, Song: Pondering, Squirrel)
  • Minsk (Male, Smug, Song: K.K. Milonga, Hamster)
  • Agent X (Male, Jock, Song: Return of K.K. Rider, Wolf)
  • Rovine (Male, Cranky, Song: K.K. Master, Sheep)
  • Jacky (Female, Snooty, Song: K.K. House, Rabbit)
  • Cab (Male, Smug, Song: Senor K.K., Cub)
  • Calder (Male, Cranky, Song: The K. Funk, Deer)
  • Petra (Female, Snooty, Song: K.K. Gumbo, Dog)
  • Marsha (Female, Peppy, Song: K.K. Swing, Cat)
  • Nicole (Female, Snooty, Song: Soulful K.K., Cat)
  • Toborr (Female, Peppy, Song: K.K. Technopop, Cat)
  • Deitch (Male, Jock, Song: K.K. D & B, Penguin)
  • Kaleigh (Female, Normal, Song: K.K. Technopop, Cat)
  • Janine (Female, Snooty, Song: K.K. Aria, Sheep)
  • Huckle (Male, Jock, Song: K.K. Metal, Cat)