The HHA will still rate your home based on decoration methods & theme challenges, but will now also include bonuses for K.K. Slider songs playing, and Cyrus exclusive items (Golden Series, Music Boxes, Miniatire Fossils) are now rated on their own. Looks are for mannequins.

Nooklings/Garden Shop/Able Sisters/Museum Shop/GracieGrace/Kicks/Redd ItemsEdit

Furniture Item from Nooklings: +50 Pts.

Wall/Floor from Nooklings: +10 Pts.

Spotlight Item from Nooklings: +150 Pts.

Fortune Cookie Item from Nooklings: +200

Seasonal Series Item from Nooklings: +1031 (Spooky Items), +1250 (Harvest Items), +1225 Pts. (Jingle Items)

Plant from Leif: +50 Pts.

Flowers from Leif (Or From Ground): +5 Pts.

Shirt from Able Sisters: +3 Pts.

Pants from Able Sisters: +1 Pt.

Labelle Item: +2 Pts.

Entire Look: +100 Pts.

Museum Shop Furniture: +75 Pts.

Museum Shop Wall/Floor: +15 Pts.

GracieGrace Furniture: +400 Pts.

GracieGrace Clothes: +20 Pts.

GracieGrace Full Look: +500 Pts.

Socks: +0 Pts.

Shoes from Kicks: +1 Pt.

Full RoomEdit

Matching Wall & Floor In A Room: +1000 Pts.

Full Series: +20,000 Pts.

  • With ONLY Wallpaper or Flooring: +25,000 Pts.
  • With BOTH Wallpaper & Flooring: +30,000 Pts.

Furniture Themes (No Bonus w/o Wall or Floor)

  • <8 Items in Theme: +15,000 Pts.
  • >8 Items in Theme: +30,000 Pts.

Furniture Sets

  • Full Set: +1000 Pts.
  • Extra Items in Set + Full Set: +300 Pts. per Each Extra Item

Visitors/Working GuideEdit

Saharah Exclusive Item: +500 Pts.

Pete Item: +930 Pts.

Pete Clothing: +530 Pts.

Pascal Item: +500 Pts.

K.K. songs on Display: +75 Pts.

Brewster Item: +2000 Pts.

Gulliver Item: +1726 Pts.

Event GuideEdit

Festivale Item: +333 Pts.

Bunny Day Item: +420 Pts.

Fishing Tourney/Bug-Off Items