Listed from Left-to-RightEdit

  • Museum
  • Photo Booth
  • Redd's Secret Emporium (Known as Black Market)
  • Dream Suite (Known as Inn)
  • Fortune Shop
  • Choco's Toy Shop (Known as Toy Shop)
  • Club LOL (Known as Live Venue)
  • Nook's Homes (Known as Realtor)
  • Post Office
  • Nookling Store (See Animal Crossing 5)
  • Leif's Shop (Until T.I.Y.)
  • Able Sisters/Shampoodle (Known as Tailor/Salon)
  • Kicks (Known as Shoe Store)
  • Shack of Artifacts (Known as Antique Shop)

How to UnlockEdit

  • Museum: Available from Beginning
  • Photo Booth: Pay a 15,000-Bell Photo Booth Public Works Project .
  • Redd's Secret Emporium: Spend a total of 65,000 Bells in Redd's tents (Genuine Only).
  • Dream Suite: Complete it's project.
  • Fortune Shop: Have Katrina tell your fortune on 10 different days.
  • Choco's Toy Shop: Present Choco (Appears in Main St. After Club LOL Opens +1 Week) with 3 gyroids.
  • Club LOL: Pay Shrunk 100,000 Bells and give him 4 gyroids.
  • Nook's Homes: Availabe from beginning.
  • Post Office: Available from beginning.
  • Nookling Stores: Available from beginning.
  • Leif's Shop: Completely plant the designated Leif Zone.
  • Able Sisters/Shampoodle: AS is in beginning, Shampoodle is unlocked after 30,000 Bells are paid at AS OR Kicks, or tthere is 1 bedhead case.
  • Kicks: Spend 10,000 Bells at Able Sisters.
  • Shack of Artifacts: Present Shaque with a Golden Furniture, have Lvl. 8 Nookling store or better.

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