Animal Crossing Galaxy is the 4th title in the Animal Crossing series. It was first seen at E3 2011 where Shigero Miyamoto stated that it would be aimed more towards hardcore gamers than with previous installments which were aimed more for casual gamers or non-gamers. Animal Crossing Galaxy was released on March 20th 2012 for the Wii console and is compatible with the wii motion plus accesory. Animal crossing galaxy


The game begins with the player inside kapp'ns taxi spaceship. The Kapp'n proceeds to ask the player questions that determine the players and the players planets appearence and name. Once the player arrives at his new home planet he meets Pelly who gives the player a map and instructs him or her to go to his new house. After he arrives at his/her house the player meets Tom Nook who explains that he is the one who built his/her house and that he owns the mortgage but he will lower it if the player works at his shop, Nooks Cranny. The player than must go through a tutorial from Nook before he is released to do as he/she pleases.


Home PlanetEdit

The home planet is the Town of Animal Crossing Galaxy. Important buildings there include the Civic Center, the Planet Portal, Tom Nook shop, the Able Sisters, and the Museum. Landmarks include the ocean (which takes up on average 1/4 of the players planet), the river system and various trees and flowers. The Planets name and general appearance are determined when the Kapp'n talks to you in the opening sequence.

The City PlanetEdit

The City Planet takes the place of the city from Animal Crossing: City Folk. It is larger than the players home planet and has 3 moons that orbit it.

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The game was fairly well received, earning 8.5/10 form gametrailer nad 7.5/10 from IGN unfinished