Animal Crossing New Leaf - Mysteries
is an Animal Crossing TV series based on the world of New Leaf. It features a new character called Baron and Drift (who is from Animal Crossing games).


# Title Premise Word Count Writer
1 The Stolen Necklace Drift, Baron, and Isabelle bump into each other. They all want to go to the moon, but they can't because Drift's necklace for display has been stolen! So Drift and Baron become detectives to solve the case, but is this the only time they'll ever solve a case? 618 Decca03
2 The Fossil Baron's newly dug-up fossil vanishes into thin air seeing how he forgot to lock his door. Baron heads to Drift's house and the two head to the museum. The fossil is there and Blathers claims Phil donated it. Phil claims he didn't? Who is telling lies and who is telling the truth? TBA Decca03

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