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April is the fourth month of the year and marks the middle of the spring. One of april's most important events is the Cherry Blossom Watch, which happens in every game from the Template:SER.

Events In AprilEdit


Villagers born during this month fall under either the or signs.

April 1stNo birthdays today!
April 2ndTammi the monkey
April 3rdEunice the sheep
April 4thBuck the horse
April 5thBeau the deer
April 6thHopper the penguin
April 7thRasher the pig
April 8thMaelle the duck
April 9thStadlen the raccoon
April 10thShari the monkey
April 11thPunchy the cat
April 12thMelba the koala
April 13thMarsha the bird
April 14thRocket the gorilla
April 15thGrams and Sylvie the cat

April 16thVesta the sheep
April 17thCharlise the bear and Porter
April 18thStone the raccoon
April 19thPietro the sheep
April 20thLimelite the raccoon
April 21stAgnes the pig
April 22ndPhoebe the ostrich
April 23rdBooker and Miranda the duck
April 24thWalt the kangaroo
April 25thBertha the hippo
April 26thKevin the pig
April 27thKatt the cat
April 28thAva the chicken
April 29thCoach the bull
April 30thAngus the bull

Available collectibles Edit


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