• Miss-Trina-Mouse

    Hello, CartmanWii.

    October 15, 2016 by Miss-Trina-Mouse

    Can you draw Toborr?

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  • PKMNMasterClara

    If one of my fanon games or fan-fictions came to the UK & North America, the Villager's names would be diffrent. 

    Villager Floweri 6-Boy Dawn Skyocean Ylue 4-Dot Limezia
    Jon Brittany Jose Jennifer Tommy Ashley Leeroy


    North American names thought by Fixifanon, Animalcrosserk & FanonFixes

    Dawn's name thought by the ACWW Europe Website

    Europe names thought by Miiverse User ethan r

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  • FanonFixes

    Because I want to block trolls if any come on here. I know not everyone is, but I want to make sure this wiki is safe.

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  • CrystalEden

    Sysop's are basicly Admin's.

    Any sysop's out there? because, I really want to be sysop. Here are some reason's

    1. I make good art.

    2. I make long pages with detail.

    3. I am very nice.

    4. I have gotten to be used to wiki's.

    5. I know how to make page's and I'll make art for you.

    So please make me a sysop or admin please!

    BTW I really apreciate if someone make's me sysop.

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  • CrystalEden

    Im new!

    November 3, 2013 by CrystalEden

    Hi I'm Edinemir95 (Female) I just came today. So i have a few questions.In this wiki can you make pages for villagers?, and is there a villager template. Those are my questions! I hope you can enjoy me on this wiki, and i know the mechanics of a wiki,because I have joined wiki's before,AND I HAVE A PICTURE OF MY FANON VILLAGER!

    His name is Danté!!!

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  • TheJoshinator2015

    Here are some ideas for bugs, fish and seafood.

    • Antlion

    Location: Ground

    Season: Summer-Fall

    Phrase: "I caught an antlion! This bug eats, but does it also roar?"

    • Purple Butterfly (Return)

    Location: Flying

    Season: Spring-Summer

    Phrase: "I caught a purple butterfly! It must have flown a long way."

    • Millipede

    Season: Winter-Spring

    Location: Under rocks

    Phrase: "I caught a millipede! Does it have a million legs or so?"

    • Assassin Bug

    Season: Spring-Fall

    Location: On flowers

    Phrase: "I caught an assassin bug! That was a sneaky approach."

    • Pine Cricket (Return)

    Season: Summer-Fall

    Location: Ground

    Phrase: "I caught a pine cricket! I was pining to catch it!"

    • Caterpillar

    Season: Spring

    Location: On flowers

    Phrase: "I caught a caterpillar! Now I need a dogerpillar!"

    • Silverfish…

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  • IchokaSuzumi666


    June 12, 2012 by IchokaSuzumi666

    Okay, I can't make up my mind! I'm thinking of writing a fanfiction. It's called Rosie's Big Adventure!, and it features characters from the game. The problem is, it's a crossover with an anime called "Puella Magi Madoka Magica", and features characters from one of its sequels, Puella Magi Oriko Magica (it's a manga!). There's an abandoned Cross Over Fanon Wiki, but I'm not sure about that. What do you think?

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  • Wiki Worker 72

    Yes! Project T.A.C.O. has arrived! Project T.A.C.O. is about word bubbles now being implemented on the wiki! To find out more on how to create your own word bubble, go to Template:Word Bubble

    If you're wondering what T.A.C.O. stands for, it stands for:

    • The
    • Awesome
    • Chatting
    • Order

    At first T.A.C.O. was going to be T.N.C.O. (The New Chatting Order), but awesome seemed better instead

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  • Wiki Worker 72

    Thanks to the glorious BlankyXP, we have a brand new monaco skin!! Now, if any of you users have any more ideas for the skin, please either leave a comment here or contact BlankyXP by clicking here.

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