Chazz in the process of Chazzturbation

  Chazz Princeton is a professional duelist currently attending Duel Academy. He is famous for being undefeated in every single duel he has participated in as well as the inventor of Chazzturbation. The Chazz often uses decks featuring Ojamas and Armed Dragons. He is currently dating Alexis and Atticus Rhodes, frequently engaging in steamy ménages-à-trois.

   The Chazz is set to appear in the 2017 Xbox One video game, Animal Crossing: Ojama Destinies.

Dueling CareerEdit

   The Chazz is widely agreed to be the most skillful duelist on the planet, having absolutely no losses among his countless victories. He is known to have two decks: Ojamas and Armed Dragons. In his most recent duel with a drug-addled vagrant Yuma Tsukumo, his semen-stained Ojama deck won him a flawless victory.


   Chazzturbation is a popular competitive sport performed around the world by men, women, and children alike. Its popularity has allowed it to share screentime on prime-time television with other sports such as Dungeon Dice Monsters and Pokémon Smash!. Notable professional athletes in Chazzturbation besides Chazz Princeton include Owain, Lebron James, and John Cena.