Cynthia is a brand new uchi dog in Animal Crossing: Moonlight Springs. Initially she wears an Asian Shirt. Her catchphrase is "pup", her pic quote is "You can't change the past, but what you CAN do is edit the story to make it look like someone else did it", her initial umbrella is the Blue Laced Umbrella, and her initial paper is the Sparkle Paper.


Cynthia is uchi, and is like a big sister to the player.


Cynthia is a black dog with red on her a little bit, too.


Cynthia loves the regal series. She has the regal floor and wall, with the bed in the middle and the couch behind it but touching the wall. The bottom left corner has a Gold Stereo with Stale Cupcakes playing. The bottom right has a regal table going up with a regal chair at the end. In the middle of the left wall she has a lovely chair.