"Sometimes you shouldn't shake tree's [Player]. You might get stung by bee's."

-Danté, Future                               

Danté (ドカン,Dokan)  is a new smug octopus. Unlike Octavian he is not cranky. Danté's name has a é in his name  which no villager has at this moment 



December 9th
Initial Phrase
"Octo Octo"
Initial Clothes
Fresh Shirt
Blue Mountain

3 sugar

2 milk
Picture Quote
"Wow I can't believe were friend's what's next? BEST FRIEND'S!!."


Danté is a smug octopus villager. He has  light green color skin,with Charlie Brown looking kind of hair and, mint polka dots on his tentacles. Danté has small, black eyes,and has orange cheeks with a purple circle in his mouth. Danté has small looking eyebrows which are black like his eyes. Danté's clothes can be found from the Able Sister's. His initial shirt is the Fresh shirt.


Below is a brief description of the smug personality. For more information, click here.

Danté is a Smug villager, meaning he will come off as a gentleman. Smug villagers flirt with female players and are a mix of various personalities. They are kind, lively, but may be conceited. Smug villagers may comment on how the player looks, or occasionally dance. They fall asleep at 1 a.m. and wake at 8:30 a.m.. Despite their lack of sleep, Smug villagers are not cranky from lack of sleep


Danté's house has Rococo type of theme in his house. He has a Rococo bed, Rococo dresser, Rococo sofa and Rococo table with a Rococo vanity.He has "K.K.Steppe" (If Danté has a music player) Danté's house almost looks like Muffy's house.

Dante house

Names in other languagesEdit

Italian Calamacoli A pun on Calamari and the Italian word of tentacles.
Spanish Presuculos The end of tentacles is culos and Presu the beginning of smug in Spanish
German Mattschig A  pun on matschig meaning squishy, meaning that octopi are squishy and, a common boy name Matt.