Animal Crossing Darkbone

"You can't escape me!."

Gender: Male
Personality: Knight
Species: Dog
Birthday: February 9th ( Aquarius )
Initial Phrase: "Growark"
Initial Clothes: "Fiendish Shirt"
Pic Quote: "You can't escape me!"
Appearance(s): Animal Crossing: Village Trip

Darkbone (Vader) is a Knight dog villager. His japanese name may be a reference of Dark Vader from Star Wars.



Darkbone is a black dog with black-grey muse, blacks and oranges eyes with black-grey purple eyelids. He initially wears the Fiendish Shirt.


As a knight villager, Darkbone will be suspicious about villagers that he doesn't know, including the player. But more the player interact with him, he'll quickly become friendly and protective toward him/her. Darkbone military-like, which make him strict and serious. Also his suspicious nature can make him naive and immature. He will not get along with many villagers, like normal villagers, when they are suspicious about their normal nature, which make him believe that they hide something suspicious. They also don't get along with smug villagers, when they believe that they getting popularity for doing an evil plan. Uchi villagers won't also get along with him due to their outlaw nature. Also, he won't get along with others Knight villagers neither due to their rivalities which may be caused by their suspicious personality. The only kind of villagers that Darkbone can get along is jock villagers due to some interest with sport.


Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name
Spanish Carve
French Herman
German Watche
Italian Hugo

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