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December is the twelfth month in Template:SER. It is most well known for Toy Day which appears in all games except Template:WW as an allusion to Christmas in real life.

Events in DecemberEdit

Birthdays Edit

Villagers born during this month fall under either the or signs.

December 1stRooney the kangaroo
December 2ndAnnalise the horse
December 3rdLifty the raccoon
December 4thRobin the bird
December 5thHans the gorilla
December 6thKyle the wolf
December 7thMonty the monkey
December 8thEloise the elephant
December 9thBecky the chicken and Chip
December 10thTom the cat
December 11thSterling the eagle
December 12thLucha the bird
December 13thBianca the tiger
December 14thFreya the wolf
December 15thChadder the mouse
December 16thGabi the rabbit

December 17thCousteau the frog
December 18thFang the wolf
December 19thChief the wolf
December 20thDigby, Isabelle, and Rudy the cat
December 21stBlanche the ostrich
December 22ndQuillson the duck
December 23rdKen the chicken
December 24thJingle and Janine the sheep
December 25thRuby the rabbit
December 26thPashmina the goat
December 27thGoldie the dog
December 28thBella the mouse
December 29thVic the bull
December 30thHugh the pig
December 31thMarcel the dog and Tortimer

Available collectibles Edit


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