Dr. B is the main antagonist in the Nintendo's animated film, Animal Crossing (despite his role being small).
Dr. B


Animal Crossing (film)Edit

Dr. B is first seen hosting comedy shows at the Marquee, which can be viewed after paying the clerk 100 Bells. Jake might appear in the audience, usually complaining about it because his shows aren't very good. Sometimes, Jake will actually like the show. Seconds later, Dr. B will teach him an emotion. The happy emotion taught can be chosen while paying 100 bells, when they ask for all which show they wish to see.

The next morning, Dr. B angrily conforts Teresa for destroying five trees with an axe because of the winter. Jake appears and attacks Dr. B with a catapult. Enraged, Dr. B chases after him, when he accidentaly throws Resetti into the frozen water. During the battle, Jake and Tom Nook throws several snowballs at him. While they are battling, Jake picks the axe, cut the tree and the bee hive falls on him. Much to his shock, Dr. B is then attacked by the bees for the revenge, but is saved by Jake. Then, Dr. Shrunk returns in his village, much to Dr. B's happiness.

It is unknown what happened to him afterwards, but he loses from his job for the comedy shows at the Marquee, clearing his name and leaving Animal Village. Later, Dr. B is last seen as one of the newspapers, reading "Dr. B is Out!" and Dr. Shrunk returns in this village.




  • Along with Resetii and the Bees, Dr. B is the first villain in the Animal Crossing series.


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