GracieGrace plays the same music, has the same series & times, but there is now a not-on-sale set and theme.

Not-on-Sale Set (Zebra Lounge Set)Edit

  • Zebra Chair Price-75,000 Bells-HHA Theme(s): Trendy-Use: Chair
  • Zebra Box Price-68,000 Bells-HHA Theme(s): Trendy-Use: None

Total Price: 143,000 Bells

Not-on-Sale Theme (Hunter Theme)Edit

  • Crossbow Roost-Price: 80,000 Bells-HHA Theme(s): Rustic-Use: None (1x1)
  • Log Bench-Price: 100,000 Bells-HHA Theme(s): Rustic-Use: Chair (2x2)
  • Covered Target-Price: 115,500 Bells-HHA Theme(s): Quirky-Use: Table (1x1)
  • Cardboard Target-Price: 95,000 Bells-HHA Theme(s): Rustic, Quirky-Use: Table (1x1)
  • Paper Target-Price: 50,500 Bells-HHA Theme(s): None-Use: None (2x2)
  • Log Tower-Price: 55,000 Bells-HHA Theme(s): Rustic-Use: None (4x4)
  • Tree Stump-Price: 75,000 Bells-HHA Theme(s): Rustic-Use: Stool (1x1)
  • Hunter's Fire-Price: 100,000 Bells-HHA Theme(s): Rustic, Quirky-Use: None (1x1)
  • Gas Lantern-Price: 85,000 Bells-HHA Theme(s): None-Use: Lamp (1x1)
  • Hunter's Tent-Price: 120,000 Bells-HHA Theme(s): Rustic-Use: None (4x4)
  • Portable Grill-Price: 90,000 Bells-HHA Theme(s): Rustic-Use: Usable
  • Forest Wall*-Price: 200,000-HHA Theme(s): Rustic-Use: Wallpaper
  • Forest Floor*-Price: 200,000-HHA Theme(s): Rusitc-Use: Floor

Total Price: 1,366,000 Bells

  • = Mush Series Wall/Floor renamed Mush Wall-Floor

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