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Hot yaois (ホットヤオイス, hotto yaoisu) is a special kind of villager that only moves in after the male player has consumated their love with a male villager of their choice in the nookling's love hotel.

Unfortunately, no female counterpart for this villager exists yet.

Hot Yaois is only available in Animal Crossing R18: Let's Get Laid!


Hot Yaois looks like a floating, crudely drawn penis with multiple piercings and an angry face. It if often seen holding items, but as of yet nobody knows how because he doesn't have hands. Whenever the player hits him with a net or makes him angry in any way, Hot Yaois will get hard and veins will pop out. When he cries, clear liquid pours out of the hole in his head.


Hot Yaois is a cranky villager, therefore he always seems moody and easy to anger. He is often seen near the Nookling's Love Hotel trying to peep on the gay couples, but he will fervently deny it if called out on it. He seems particularly interested on the relationships between villagers, but only when they are homosexual. He will often make crude and lewd jokes about all male villagers and often express his desire to get pounded by hot, thick studs.