I Live With Animals is an upcoming spin-off of Animal Crossing. It will feature the same gameplay and characters from Animal Crossing, but will be different in many ways. The game is planned to be released for Wii U.


You start out as a homeless child until you end up at Rover's house. He willingly welcomes you to his house and helps you get your room set up and gives you a selection of clothes. He then suggests to meet the neighbors Friga, Robin and Avery. After that, he says if you live in his house, you need to make a living. He then suggests to go to town and get a job at Nookmart. After you get a job, your all set. Your free to explore the city and meet new characters.

Holiday Side StoriesEdit


The yearly easter egg hunt is coming, and your part of it. Collect as many eggs as you can to win a new flat-screen TV for your house.


Rover is inviting his family (Mom, Dad and two brothers) for Thanksgiving. He asks if you have a family, in which you don't. He then suggests to get a pet at Woof! Meow! Ribbit! Pet Shop. You then have the choice to get a dog, a cat, a toad, a cricket, a ferret and a raccoon.


You must get a present for Rover before December 25. If you run out of time, you won't get your present from Rover, but if you get Rover's present in time you'll get your present.

New YearEdit

It's New Year's, and it's your job to set up all the decorations for the party.


  • Rover: Your adoptive master and best friend. He is kind and very well-hearted.
  • Tom Nook: Your boss and owner of Nookmart. He asks for no qualifications and hires you right on the spot. He has two sons named Tommy and Timmy, who work for him.
  • Tommy and Timmy Nook: Tom Nook's energetic and fast talking sons. They work for their father as cashiers.
  • The Able Sisters: The three sisters who run the clothing store of the same name.
    • Mabel: The leader of the trio and owner of the shop. She is the welcomer of the shop and often follows you around.
    • Sable: The oldest of the trio. She is the knitter and is very shy unless you talk to her for 12 days. After that, she befriends you and tells stories about the sisters past.
    • Labelle: The youngest of the trio. She is the clothing designer and the most rebellious among the sisters.
  • Tortimer: The mayor of the city. He is very elderly and often talks about his stories from the past, often comparing stuff back then and now. Such as comparing the radio to the TV.
  • Mr. Resetti: The ill-tempered mailman. He often reads your mail and tries to embarass you. He also delievers mail to you, reminding you to save before quitting. If you don't save 3 times he will confront you himself and angrily scold you.
  • Don Resetti: Mr. Resetti's cool and calm brother. Whenever his brother calls in sick or injured, he takes his place as mailman.
  • Kicks, "Animal Lover": Owner and operator of the Woof! Meow! Ribbit! Pet Shop. He's usually on the phone either talking to his friends, his girlfriend, or his mom. When he's not the phone he writes down theories of how the animals he sells are not anthropromorphic like the rest of the animals.
  • Crazy Redd: A scam-artist. He owns a roughed-up old building near the pet shop. He usually sells counterfeit paintings, furniture and knick-knacks. If you persuade him enough, he will reveal he is Tom Nook's step-brother.
  • Lloyd: The gyroid working for Redd. Redd will give out to him, always leaving him bored. If you talk to him, he will trust you and tell you secrets on how to get Bells.
  • Kapp'n: The owner of Tropical Isola. He runs the island with his family. He runs the clothing store, his wife runs the grocery store, his mom runs the bank and his sister runs the postal service.
  • Jack: Jack will appear rarely scaring the villagers. If you talk to him quick enough, he will give you Creepy Furniture.
  • Pete: The nominated mayor of the city. He states that his parents forced him to be a mayor, but he wanted to become a mailman. This is a reference to his previous role in the Animal Crossing series.
  • Pelly: Pete's right-hand woman. She has a crush on Pete, but is unaware that Pete returns her feelings. This is different from Animal Crossing, where Pete likes Pelly's sister Phyllis (who doesn't appear in I Live With Animals) instead, who in return hates him.