Island of Animal Crossing is based of of Animal Crossing Gamecube's island. You live on an island with 1 islander. Others may wash up if you scan there e-card, and the game comes with 1 random e-card. The island is slightly bigger. You can use wood that washes up to build stores or post offices. If you build one, Nook, Pete, or Pelly will wash up. If you buy a game boy advance, you can visit the town.


These can be your residents.


Merry (Peppy)

Anhka (snooty)

Bob (lazy)

Nicole (snooty)

Toborr (peppy)

Kaleigh (normal)

Kiki (normal)

Punchy (lazy)

Marsha (peppy)

Kitty (snooty)


Octavian (cranky)


Carmen (peppy)

Gabi (peppy)

Snake (lazy)

Claude (lazy)


Goldie (normal)

Biskit (jock)


Bliss (normal)

Blaire (snooty)

Nibbles (peppy)


Boots (jock)

Alfonso (lazy)


Bree (snooty)

Elsa (snooty)


Hopper (cranky)

Deitch (jock)


Corey (jock)

Marcy (peppy)

Astrid (snooty)


Ribbot (lazy)

Lily (normal)

Puddles (peppy)


Sprocket (jock)

Sandy (peppy)


3 of these 18 villagers will live in town over gameboy advance!

Olivia (snooty)

June (normal)

Teddy (lazy)

Nate (lazy)

Mathilda (snooty)

Puck (lazy)

Friga (snooty)

Sven (lazy)

Liz (normal)

Walker (lazy)

Aziz (jock)

Doc (lazy)

Kiki (normal)

Al (lazy)

Roscoe (cranky)

Marina (normal)

Violet (snooty)

Kabuki (cranky)

Pango (peppy)

More aboutEdit

You may have up to 15 islanders.

You start with 3 villagers and can scan e-cards to get up to 6, the maximum.

The Able Sisters are abesnt.

Islanders may only move out if they are not treated well.

Villagers may move out, if you re-scan e-cards it does not work.

You can visit other towns with wi-fi as it is on wii console.

Birthdays are still in the game.


All gamecube and city folk holidays.

Islanders day- day you arrived, all islanders feast on a meal and the original islander gives you a gift.

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