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July is the seventh month of the year. July in Animal Crossing is the month before the Fireworks begin. There are certain bugs that can only caught in July or August. Some bugs sell for more than others, and some have higher rarity than others. There are many birthdays this month, one on nearly every day.

Events In JulyEdit

Birthdays Edit

Villagers born during this month fall either under the  or  signs.

July 1stCurt the bear
July 2ndAgent S the squirrel
July 3rdBlaire the squirrel
July 4thApollo the eagle
July 5thSamson the mouse
July 6thMira the rabbit and Reese
July 7thBree the mouse
July 8thJeremiah the frog
July 9thStatic the squirrel
July 10thMott the lion
July 11thVictoria the horse
July 12thKapp'n and Citrinne the raccoon
July 13thTwiggy the bird
July 14thDizzy the elephant
July 15thCaroline the squirrel
July 16thFrita the sheep

July 17thJay the bird
July 18thCroque the frog
July 19thNibbles the squirrel and Pascal
July 20thYuka the koala
July 21stPrince the frog
July 22ndChow the bear
July 23rdElvis the lion
July 24thO'Hare the rabbit
July 25thPeck the bird
July 26thCurly the pig
July 27thErik the deer
July 28thTruffles the pig
July 29thLionel the lion
July 30thFrank the eagle
July 31stGrizzly the bear

Available collectibles Edit


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