K.K. Neo is a new K.K. song in Animal Crossing Fun Life. This song is a deep low song feauturing some synthisizer's later on. In this song there are guitar's and 8-bit synthisizer in it. This song is still in it's beta form and hasn't been finished yet because, the game is still not done. New animal's have this song but haven't been revealed yet. In this song everything start's off low then get's faster and higher at the end. The cover has not been revealed yet but will be later on. The album depicts a aurora borealis with K.K. and Broffina looking at it. Broffina, and K.K. is on the album cover.

The song can be obtained by visiting K.K. Slider any Saturday at The Roost between 8 pm and midnight.

This song can be played by clicking on more and download it and open it.