K.K. Technopop is one of K.K. Slider's more upbeat songs. It has a fairly catchy tune with active drums, synthesizer, a frequent, soft popping melody, and a synth bass in the background. It also sounds like he is beat boxing. The song is based on the Technopop genre that began to flourish in Japan, the USA, and Europe during the late 1970s, lasting to mid-80s; K.K. Technopop focuses more on the Japanese style from the late 1970s. It sounds very different when K.K. Slider sings it compared to its bootleg. CubeSprocketAisleKetchupCarmenDotty, KaleighEgbert, ToborrNibbles, and Bubbles all play this song in their houses when they have a stereo. Victoriaalso plays this song in Dōbutsu no Mori e+.

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