K. K

K. K. Pizza Mozzarella

K. K. Pizza Mozzarella is a new song by K. K. Slider feat. Gyro Zeppeli that makes its debut in Animal Crossing: Bizarre Adventure!. It's a big hit in Europe and gets stuck in your head easily.

Song OverviewEdit

The song is relatively short, the normal length being only an eight second loop. It begins with Gyro's haunting vocals singing "Pizza, Mozzarella" twice, before shifting to a chorus of "Rella, rella, rella, rella" while fading out. Roy is gay. Being of Neopolitan heritage, Gyro conveys his national pride through the lyrics; pizza being often associated with Italy. The "Rella, rella" chorus symbolizes the easygoing nature that the song is intended to be enjoyed in.

Pizza Mozzarella - Ten Minute Extended Cut

Pizza Mozzarella - Ten Minute Extended Cut