Your town

Pintail: a scorpion-like monster that lives in the sand

Taddie: a small, non-aggressive monster that was based off of a salamander

Tankant: a ant with HARD armor

Dragon tower

Spidee: a spider

Drakko: a T-Rex-like monster

Angry drakko!!!: a angry Drakko

Flower town

Pengie: a cute lil' penguin

Worm of doooom!: a huge worm with a even huger appetite... FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nook's clone: he isn't to friendly...

Seashell harbor

Starfloat: a starfish with weird hobbies

Kappy: a cutie of a crab

Snip-Snap: a crab that snaps!

Fishlips: he's a fish out of water!

Mega fishlips: talk about a whopper!

Dream festival

Dreamling: the stuff dreams are made of

Derpling: a annoying beetle

Derples: a yellowish Derpling

Stone rhino: a ancient robot that has been stepped on for ZILLIONS of years

Dream pass

Robo-bot: a annoying robot

Bot-robo: a even annoyinger robot

Rockling: a stone Derpling

Note: do not edit, I am not finished