Matilda is a normal,cat villager in the Animal Crossing series. She appears in Animal Crossing Wild World and Animal Crossing City Folk. She will reappear in Animal Crossing (3DS) .


Matilda is a ragdoll cat. She is pointed everywhere exept for the feet. There is only a little bit of brown on her legs. Her nose is dark red. The inside of her ears are pink. Her eyes are blue-gray. She initially wears the Beatnik Shirt. Unlike some other Cats,when surprised,her pupils get very large,simaliar to real cats.


Matilda is a normal villager,however,she is more independent and catlike than other normal villagers. She will get along well with Lazy,Cranky,Snooty,and other Normal villagers. Peppy villagers generally fustrate her with thier short attention span. Jock villagers generally stress her out with thier fitness speak. Both of those are very uncommon in a normal villager.


Matilda's house has most of the ranch series in Wild World,along with a tootoid. She has the bamboo flooring and desert wallpaper. Her retro sterio plays Cafe K.K. Matilda's City Folk house has most of the regal series. She has the bambo flooring and wall. If she gets a sterio,it plays Cafe K.K.



Initial Catchphrase:Kitten



Initial Clothes:Beatnik Shirt

Pic Quote:Let's go to the Purr-ade!