Monith is a Moth that appears if you hang a Lantern on your house. He is very cheerful, but cranky at day. He is only out at night, but having nice conversations with him will really make you relax.

First Meeting him and stuffs Edit

When you first meet him, you can tell him to leave or ask who he is. If you tell him "Shoo! Scat!!" he'll leave, if you ask who he is he'll stay.

Stolen Lantern Edit

Monith is blamed for stealing priceless Lanterns, so you have to help him. As it turns out, it's Tom Nook who stole them.

Gender: Male
Coffee: Pepper Cotton
Species: Moth
Birthday: Sept. 21st
Initial Phrase: ""'Ello, mate!"" "So, how have ya been?"
""Don't happen to have any cotton balls on ya?"" "Man, it wassa good night! Fly'n like nobody's bee's wax! You should really try it!"
Initial Clothes: Black Boots Black Boots
"Lantern" Lantern
Pic Quote: ""Flying 'round this lil' town really calms ya. Here some Bells for clearing the skies.""
Appearance(s): Unknown

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