Neo Vivae is the town in which Animal Crossing: New Life takes place in. 


Town HallEdit

This is where Pelly works during the day, and where Phyllis works during the night, and where Tortimer sleeps. Tortimer is also the mayor of the town, and is very cranky. The hall is currently closed because Tortmier can't find his hat.

Nook's CrannyEdit

Use to be run by Tom Nook, but is now run by his nephews Tommy and Timmy, but he still owns it.

Post OfficeEdit

This is where Pelly works during the night, and where Phyllis works during the day. Pete, is the mail man, and is mainly of during the day, delivering letters.

Steven Crosser's HouseEdit

Steve's house. It is pretty much empty because he jsut moved in.

Tyche Moon's HouseEdit


Ariani Mitawa's HouseEdit


Kouki Minoru's HouseEdit


Fang's HouseEdit

This is where Fang a cranky wolf lives, nothing special.

Chief's HouseEdit

This is where Chief, another cranky wolf, and Fang's cousin lives. Once again, nothing special.

Peacon's HouseEdit

This is where the snooty squirrel Pecan lives. Though she won't admit it, she is a fan of the famous Kid Kat, a masked vigilante.

Axel's HouseEdit

He's a hard working Jock, oh! And also an elephant. He is one of the few people who dislike the masked vigilante Kid Kat.

Cateshi Hongo's HouseEdit

A mysterious cat who loves motorbikes.No one has ever seen the inside, not even Tom Nook.