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October is the month in which the Template:SER celebrates Halloween. (This Holiday was not in Wild World. ) Candy is sold throughout the month at Tom Nook's Store and Nookling Stores in preparation for Halloween (in Animal Crossing, candy starts being sold on the 16th), whereas, in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, the Able Sisters shop will start selling Halloween masks and hats. The 31st is the only chance each year to see Jack. The grass and trees will also turn noticeably redder during this month, as it is during Fall.

Events in OctoberEdit


Villagers born during this month fall under either the or signs.

October 1stHolly the cat
October 2ndDiva the frog
October 3rdBig Top the elephant
October 4thGoose the chicken
October 5thElmer the horse
October 6thTex the penguin
October 7thCobb the pig
October 8thKiki the cat
October 9thDrift the frog
October 10thBenedict the chicken and Franklin
October 11thKitt the kangaroo
October 12thLyman the koala
October 13thChops the pig
October 14thEgbert the chicken
October 15thBrewster and Hippeux the hippo
October 16thFriga the penguin

October 17thLimberg the mouse
October 18thAl the gorilla and Redd
October 19thClay the hamster
October 20thAntonio the anteater
October 21stTimbra the sheep
October 22ndKatie and Chiona the rabbit
October 23rdGroucho the bear
October 24thBroffina the chicken
October 25thPortia the dog
October 26thEugene the koala
October 27thJambette the frog
October 28thGaston the rabbit and Katrina
October 29thRodeo the bull
October 30thBright the raccoon
October 31thJack and Labelle

Available collectibles Edit


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