Gender: Male
Coffee: Hello
Species: Bunny
Birthday: april 1
Initial Phrase: "Unknown"
Initial Clothes: pirate coat, white spot on eye, whit boots.
Pic Quote: "Welcome, to thy life!"
Appearance(s): Unknown

oreo is the singer and owner of The Gladiator Donut.

Songs Edit

  1. S = singing. T = talkingS) i was, a , pirate, 12 years ago, (T) to be exact, 12 years 11 months 1 week 3 days 6 hours 59 minutes 44 seconds and 674 nanoseconds!T) have you herd of the pet
  2. parade? (S) i put my chicken in thY pet parade, BUM BUM BUM, i hit my doctor, in a rage, BUM BUM BUM, i turned her into, lemonade, BUM BUM BUM, i dressed her up as, a, french maid, BUM BUM BUM, and i put her in, a, cage, BUM BUM BUM, then i dragged her thru, thy, pet parade, BUM BUM BUM!
  3. S) you are a pirate! yay! yar har fiddle de de, do what would 'cause a pirate be de, you are a pirate! you are a pirate! yay! all we need is a map! a map! to lead us to a hidden box, thats all locked up with locks! with locks! yar har fiddle de de, bein' a pie rat is all right with me, you are a pi rat!
  4. S) more songs be coming, gladiators!

Coffee Edit

Extra milk extra sugar blue mountain beans