Paradise Island is a new show based on Animal Crossing Island.Here's a look:

Town VillagersEdit
















Shop OwnersEdit

Tom Nook,Nook Way Owner

Mable + Sable:Able Sisters + Owners,Workers Harriet

Lu's:Lu the owner

Mayor Pelly:Mayor of town

Pammala and Phyills:Workers at town hall

Blathers:Owner of Muesum

Brewster:Owner of the Roost

Tylan:Owner of water park.


Ep 1(Season 1)"The Newcomer":Goldie is new to Paradise Island.The cruel Tom Nook gives Goldie a job,forcing her to deliver goods to the villagers.She becomes good friends with Peanut,Biskit,Whitney,Phoncho,and Wolfgang.

Ep 2(season 1):The Party:Goldie is inventing her friends to a party,but mean Gaston won't let them.Goldie and her friends mist find a way to throw that party without being caught by Gaston.

Ep 3(season 1):The Truth About Sable:Peanut thinks something is wrong with Sable.She's been cutting work,and she's been less active.Even Mable dose not know with wrong with her.Can Peanut and the gang find out the truth about Sable?

Ep 4(season 1):Whitney Becomes Famous:Whitney's dream has come true,she's finally famous.She gets to act in the new movie,Wolfarella.But she must move to Aollywood to be in this movie,will she stay in Paradise Island or will she move to Aollywood to become famous?

Ep 5(Season 1):Poncho's Song:It's La Di Day!Everyone will be competing against to see who has the best song.But everyone sounds like a frog!But Poncho has a song that is amazing.....

Ep 6(season 1):Queisland :The gang vists the Waterpark on Queisland.But they get stuck on a boat and must swim there!They also go on the big waterslide,but get stuck again.And Wolfgang faces an attack like no other.

Ep 7(season 1):The Rise Of Tom Nook(part 1):Wolfgang is coming back from the hospital,and Biskit and the town are throwing a party for him.But Tm Nook traps everyone and it's up to Wolfgang to save them.

Ep 7 (season 1):The Rise Of Tom Nook(Part 2):Wolfgang meets Agent S and Kid Kat,who help him free everyone from Tom Nook.But Tom Nook has a secret weapon,VISCOUS VOLE MINE!!!!!Can Wolfgang and his friends fight Viscous Bole Mine to save the town?

Ep 8 (season 1):Something in the water:There's going to be a surf commotion at the beach.All the boys will enter.But Wolfgang must retire.And Goldie is taking his place.She has always wanted to be a surfer.But there's one problem,the boys say that girls are "wimps".So Goldie must show them that girls are as strong as boys are.

Ep 9(season 1):In The Future:Roise,Goldie,Filbret And Biskit find a time machine,and they travel in time.

Ep 10(season 1):The revenge of Tom Nook:still being planed!

Ep 11(season 1):Girls vs.Boys:

Ep 12:(season 1):

Ep 13:(

The show is coming out May 21,2011.