Phillie is the long-lost middle sister of Pelly and Phyllis (Older than Pelly but younger than Phylis). Phillie is hot pink (more of Phyllis' color.) Most times she appears really snobby and other times she will be really sweet. Phillie wears red blush. Phillie is somewhat jealous between the relationship of Pelly, Pihlyis and Pete. Phillie is 24 because Pelly is 19 and Phyllis is 29. Her birthday is July 22nd. Phillie is really nice, like her sister Pelly. She is shy and quiet and only mutters under her breath. If you send enough letters when Phillie is working (12 PM to 6 PM (Afternoon Period)), she will start to stop muttering while you are around. She enjoys her job. Phillie has the eyes of Phyllis and beautiful aqua eyeshadow. Phillie used to be a tomboy when she was little and her bangs are two tufts of hair, left to right. They are curled. At times Phillie can be somewhat childish. (How can I help you, Dummy?)

Other villagers spell her name Phyly, Philly, or Phylly.


"(Hi, how can I help you, dummy?)" "(Oh, you want to save a letter?)" "(while waiting for her shift) I have one and only boyfriend... that's Pete!" That was SOME but not all of her quotes.