If you spend 65,000 Bells on genuine paintings OR sculptures, Redd will need you to give him a special permit to have him open a store. You need to pay Isabelle 30,000 Bells to give him the permit. He'll be waiting at the store's future site, and you need to give him the permit.


Redd now offers furniture when Redd's Emporium opens, but he still sells art. He sells 4 art pieces and 3 furniture pieces. The furniture may be exclusive, but it may be Nookling obtainable items with a 400% increase in price. He also offers 1 wall and 1 floor, which could be exclusive or a more expensive Nookling piece. Redd has a 2.5% chance of selling a Saharah item.


None/Non-Hour Changing OrdinancesEdit


Early BirdEdit


Night OwlEdit


HHA Points Guide with Redd ItemsEdit

Genuine Painting: +500

Genuine Sculpture: +1000

Exclusive Wall/Floor: +100

Fake Painting: -500

Fake Sculpture: -1000

Exclusive Furniture: +300

Exclusive Set: +2500

Exclusive Theme: +25,000

Exclusive Series: +45,000


Redd's Emporium plays the same music that played in his tent in the original Animal Crossing.

Furniture (Exlcusive)Edit


There are 3 sets, 1 theme, and 1 series that are all Redd exclusives.

The ListEdit

Premium Living Room SetEdit

  • Plasma Tv (Value: 20,000 Bells     HHA Theme(s): Sci-Fi, Trendy)
  • Speaker (Value: 7840 Bells     HHA Theme(s): Trendy)
  • Trendy Table (Value: 6540 Bells     HHA Theme(s): Trendy)
  • Trendy Sofa (Value: 7000 Bells     HHA Theme(s): Trendy)
  • Premium Stereo (Value: 12,000 Bells     HHA Theme(s): Sci-Fi, Trendy)

Rock Band SetEdit

  • Drum Set (Value: 7200 Bells     HHA Theme(s): Trendy)
  • Amp (Value: 9600 Bells     HHA Theme(s): Sci-Fi0
  • Effects Rack (Value: 11,200 Bells     HHA Theme(s): Sci-Fi)
  • Rock Guitar (Value: 7200 Bells     HHA Theme(s): None)

Aztec SetEdit

  • Aztec Torch (Value: 6800 Bells     HHA Theme(s): Antique, Quirky)
  • Aztech Throne (Value: 200,000 Bells     HHA Theme(s): Antique Quirky)
  • Aztec Post (Value: 14,000 Bells     HHA Theme(s): Antique, Quirky)

Playground ThemeEdit

  • Swing Set (Value: 4000 Bells     HHA Theme(s): None)
  • Mega Merry-Go-Round (Value: 7300 Bells     HHA Theme(s): None)
  • See-Saw (Value: 5000 Bells     HHA Theme(s): Rustic)
  • Slide (Value: 4444 Bells     HHA Theme(s): None)
  • Playground Sculpture (Value: 11,000 Bells     HHA Theme(s): Antique, Quirky)
  • Jungly Gym (Value: 6700 Bells      HHA Theme(s): Sci-Fi)
  • Rentable House (Value: 10,500 Bells      HHA Theme(s): None)
  • Climbable Stone (Value: 9600 Bells     HHA Theme(s): Rustic, Quirky)
  • Playground Equipment (Value: 10,000 Bells     HHA Theme(s): None)
  • Drinking Fountain (Value: 8000 Bells     HHA Theme(s): Sci-Fi)