Smashville: The Mysterious Limi is a Fan-Fiction.


Smashville is a Super Smash Bros Brawl stage. Once a Wild World Town named Smashvil. Four people lived there. One Girl named Flowili and 3 boys named SSBoy, BBnoir & Lakolo, who still had to work. One day. Tortimer said that they had to move to Smashville, to see everyone battle. He said even Lakolo can come, who was still working at Nook's Cranny though at this time. He knew much already. So they all moved to Smashville, and Smashvill was deleted. In Smashville, Pelly came and told them that a 5th player was moving in tomorrow. But she forgot the name. So the Next day, everyone was brawling. They watched them, and sometimes thought 'I wish I can Brawl'. But sometimes, they saw a girl with black eyes, a lime dress and brown pigtails. After the match, they asked what her name was. She told them, 'My Name... Is Limi, cousin of Limezia', Everyone was shocked. They all didn't know Limezia. Soon, they all became friends. Soon, two people from Minstrall came to battle in 2011. They said ok, but on June 9th 2013, Limi said 'no', as they were recolours. They said they weren't, and Bnoir asked them 'Why are we here'? The recoloured girl, Amy said 'To fight other people.' But Flowili told them 'Your Not in the Brawl'. The recoloured boy, Lucas, whispered 'To heal my mother, and find the Pyrus'. SSBoy told them 'There is no Pyrus here. Maybe in another Castle.' And then, Villager came out of nowhere, and told them 'Your mother is not real, Amy & Lucas'. Then he & Limi defeated both. Everyone was shocked that Limi did it aswell. Villager was so proud. Then he went back to his town. All the villagers of Minstrall was stuck in a bricked house, with no reset button, and Limi wrote a letter to Nintendo, telling him what happened, and if Villager can be in Smash. A few days later, Villager got a letter saying he was in the latest smash... and thats how SSB4 began.


Flowili, a girl that is like Floweri but has Brown straight hair

SSBoy, the boy on the SSBB trophy of him

Lakolo, the BBB/ABB boy that is wearing Skyocean's shirt

Bnoir, a BAB Boy wearing ABA/BAA's shirt with brown spiky hair

Limi, a girl with the eyes of BAB/ABA  but black, BBB/BAA's dress and brown pigtails

Amy, a recolour of a New Leaf girl with a Red Riding Dress but lavender, black eyes and a pink ponytail

Lucas, a recolour of a New Leaf boy but with brown eyes instead of green

Tortimer, mayor of Smashville & Smashvil [before he retired]

Pelly, the clerk of the Smashville & Smashvil Town Hall


Limi, Amy, and maybe Lucas cannot be made on Wild World because they have a different eye color, [I think Lucas's shirt is not in Wild World]. However, they can be made in New Leaf.

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