Smashville: Vote for Villager is another fan-fiction and the sequel of Smashville: The Mysterious Limi. It's the story of how Villager became mayor of Smashville.


One day in Smashville on October 1st 2014, Tortimer talked to Pelly, saying that he discovered a island, and wants to live there, by retiring. Pelly was shocked, as she didn't know who would be the mayor, so Tortimer decided to have a vote to see who would be the new mayor. A dog named Isabelle decided to come see. Tortimer then decided 8 Villagers to become mayor. They were Villager from Leafvil, Girl from CityFolk, Limi, Floweri from Flowerfield, Aika from Aika Village, Yphone, Pinkhood from Bubblegum & Villagi from Leaftown. The next day, everyone came to vote. Then, a quiz happened, and whoever got the answers right would become mayor. There was 9 questions. Everyone got the 1st right, Everyone except Villagi got the 2nd, Everyone except Pinkhood got the 3rd right, while everyone excepy Yphone got the 4th right. Everyone except Aika got the 5th right, Everyone except Floweri got the 6th right, Villager & Girl got the 7th right while Limi didn't, & Villager got the 8th & 9th right, while Girl didn't. He won the quiz, and became the new mayor of Smashville. But since he was also the Mayor of Leafvill, he moved everything from that town to Smashville, and Isabelle became the secretary. He was then surprized as it changed into a New Leaf town, and Limi, Yphone, Flowili, Lakolo & Bnoir were shocked, as they were growing. 

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