Furry is a character in Animal Crossing: Neo Vivae. He is a very naive boy, and doesn't understand common modern stuff, like taking showers, or baths with water, and instead does it with Snail slime, though Steve decides to guide him in the world.


Ty was abandoned at age 5 in a forest, and lived off of nature. At age 9 he was discovered by a near by village, which had a snail as it's emblem, known as Snail Town. He lived with snails, so he has one as a pet named Sticks. His nick name Furry comes from his love of animals, as he lived with them. He left at 11 looking for a new town to live at, and found Neo Vivae. He soon met Steve, who he quickly made friends with. He currently is being taught by Steve the ways of the modern world.