aka eden, tf do you think?

  • I live in in the america's.
  • I was born on September 11
  • My occupation is meme-ing, brb gotta go kms
  • I am actually there are 57 genders. (jk don't witch-hunt me ;)
  • CrystalEden

    Sysop's are basicly Admin's.

    Any sysop's out there? because, I really want to be sysop. Here are some reason's

    1. I make good art.

    2. I make long pages with detail.

    3. I am very nice.

    4. I have gotten to be used to wiki's.

    5. I know how to make page's and I'll make art for you.

    So please make me a sysop or admin please!

    BTW I really apreciate if someone make's me sysop.

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  • CrystalEden

    Im new!

    November 3, 2013 by CrystalEden

    Hi I'm Edinemir95 (Female) I just came today. So i have a few questions.In this wiki can you make pages for villagers?, and is there a villager template. Those are my questions! I hope you can enjoy me on this wiki, and i know the mechanics of a wiki,because I have joined wiki's before,AND I HAVE A PICTURE OF MY FANON VILLAGER!

    His name is Danté!!!

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