• Wiki Worker 72

    Yes! Project T.A.C.O. has arrived! Project T.A.C.O. is about word bubbles now being implemented on the wiki! To find out more on how to create your own word bubble, go to Template:Word Bubble

    If you're wondering what T.A.C.O. stands for, it stands for:

    • The
    • Awesome
    • Chatting
    • Order

    At first T.A.C.O. was going to be T.N.C.O. (The New Chatting Order), but awesome seemed better instead

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  • Wiki Worker 72

    Thanks to the glorious BlankyXP, we have a brand new monaco skin!! Now, if any of you users have any more ideas for the skin, please either leave a comment here or contact BlankyXP by clicking here.

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