Villager: A Link Between Towns is a game for the Wii U where you play as Villager & get to visit different Animal Crossing Towns to get souvenirs and become 'The Worldwide Villager Traveler'.

Chapter 1: Fossil FriendsEdit

The first town is named 'Fossil'. A Human Girl named 'Fossilina' lives there. If you give fossils to a person named Brucie in the new basement lab of the museum, you can 'revive villagers' turning them into dinosaur villagers. If you revive Vinny the Velociraptor, he'll give you a Fossil Net, and then the area is complete. Fossilina will then tell you the next town, and her picture is there. After you get her pic, Lylees Liner comes on the dock to pick you up & take you to the next town.

Fossilina's Pic. Birthday: July 05th. Quote: Finding Fossils are always brilliant!

Chapter 2: Fresh Air Edit

The Next Town is named 'Fresh'. A human Boy named 'Airo' lives there. He says there's Turtle & Lizard villagers living in this town. Talking to the Octopus Deliah, will give you a Fresh Flower a copy of the movie 'Fresh Life' and Airo's picture. The area will then be complete.

Airo's Pic. Birthday: May 19. Quote: Obey Fresh, Destroy Polution!

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