After the game over plot in Super Smash Crossing, all of the Animal Crossing Villagers became evil. In addition, all of the names became backwards. The heros got trapped in the rivals body forever and became then. Same with the animals.  In this game, you start off in a good town and have to make it evil, with the brand new hypnotizing machine, the Villagerwasher. 


The game is mostly like past games. You start off by riding in a train, And Rover comes to sit. He asks your name, and the town name. Then, he tells you what are you going to do there, then he looks at your face & relises Vanilla ice cream is on it, then you can customize your character's face. He then says 'Hope you have a amazing time in '(town name')!'. Once you arrive, Ellebasi comes with 3 brainwashed random evil Villagers. Aika then comes, and brainwashes your character evil. They say that all the other Villagers are good, and they want you to brainwash them. So she gives the player the Villagerwasher, a machine that can brainwash Villagers into becoming evil. 


Regalliv-playable boy character

Lrig-playable girl character

Evirdalliv-helps you cheating while racing

Yma & Sacul: Runs the clothing shop- Sacul's Stiftuo

Irewolf: Runs the weeds shop- Weedey Wilts

Mayor- Mayor of the town, evil Royam

Akia: Creepypasta Master, will brainwash you evil

Masters Clora & Alarc: Master's of the Evil, will help you

Nwad: She works with Irewolf. She will help you to get nature wilted & rotten.

Euly: Works at Euly's Ewws, that sells rotten food for villains

Yob-6 & Retrop: Works at the Train Station together

Remitrot: The old mayor, takes you to a dark scary corrupted isle

Redd: Once evil, now Good. Now wanting to take over, u must brainwash him & stop it. 

Mr Itteser & Nod Itteser: Whenever you reset the game, one of them will come up.

Town RulesEdit

See Villager Rulers/Town Rules

Town Ordinances:Edit

Town Ordinances are back just like in New Leaf, but this time you can put up to 5 Town Ordinances.

Keep Town Dirty: Hardly any flowers, lots of weeds, they will always cut trees

Early Death-whenever a good person is spotted, they get killed straight away

K.O. You Later-heroes get killed 1 minute later

More Bells, the Better-can steal bells from heroes and get more

More Brainwash People-more heroes are brainwashed

More Villains-more villains come

Kidnapping Forever-can now kidnapp heroes forever in a cage until they are brainwashed

XBOX GamesEdit

The XBOX Games you can play is

Animals Cussing

Super Wario Bros

Super Oriam Bros: The Lost Levels

The Legend Of Adlez

Walukirby's Quest

Father (mother/earthbound zero)

Shiverbound (shiver star (kirby) earthbound)

Game Over Plot of Super Smash Crossing (known as game over)

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