In Villager Rulers, Isabelle [Now Ellebasi] writes down rules for the town.

[Town Name] Rules:Edit

NO Stealing. This might be a evil town, but we putted shields on the flowers making sure NO ONE destroys it. Stealing objects makes a evil Resetti take it from you until it ends, unless they say its ok for you. 

NO Being Nice. If you say good words [thanks, your welcome, greetings, i love you, sweet, kind, honest, etc,] you will be kicked out of [Town Name Here.] 

No moving to good towns: If a animal tries to move to a good town, they will be in the Good Jail.

No Good People aloud. If a good people comes, they will be arrested and all their items will drop to the ground.

No watering flowers/picking Weeds: Watering flowers or picking weeds will arrest you.

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